Living Large with Health Challenges

Living Large with Health Challenges

I had a different blog post to share with you today, but yesterday I got some fabulous news and I knew that I had to share it with you all NOW!

I have talked about my health struggles in the past. I  have been a pretty open book and I know I have been an encouragement to others who are struggling with similar issues. Emotional balance and physical struggles are hard, especially on a mom who doesn’t get a day off. Immune challenges are hard and finding great support for a struggling immune system is difficult.

I just returned back from a check-up with my Rheumatologist in regard to one of my continually watched issues and I am overjoyed with some great news.

I have been on a mission for the past two years to feel better. At one point I was being treated with traditional western medicine theory, which was not really addressing the issue at hand. It was not a good outlook.

Every six months I have blood work done which helps monitor my situation. Well, I am over the moon excited to share that my blood work results are the best they have been in over 5 years! I typically have a low white blood cell count, red blood cell count, and platelet count.

The proof is in the paper!

My Lab Results

Even though my white blood cell count is a bit lower than average, this is high for me!

As we talked and my doctor asked how my other symptoms were I simply responded that I rarely experienced the typical issues associated with my struggle. He got a big smile that stretched across his face. You see, my doctor has been a great support for me, and he has been willing to allow me to venture outside his normal scope of expertise to try some alternative support for my body. We have worked together trying different remedies – and thus we seem to have come to a good outcome.

He told me to keep doing what I am doing and he would see me again in six months and hopefully it would result in only yearly visits after that.

Can I just say that I loved hearing that?!? WOOHOO!

So, because I care deeply for those who join in this journey with me and I know I have something of value that could in fact impact someone who is struggling deeply right now, I am sharing with you what I currently do to support my body. I need to say that I am not cured of my issue. There is no cure. I

Our God has given us an amazing wealth of natural goodness to support our bodies. He also gave us incredible doctors as well, so my recommendations or routine I share should not replace you working closely with a doctor you can trust.

I highly recommend you do your own research and find natural alternatives to help your body heal and recover.  I did!!!  I am beyond thankful to say that I have put my Lupus into remission – as of August 2015 I am FREE – my bloodwork as the best it’s ever been.

Know there is hope – you have the ability to reverse many conditions you may be facing – please seek support from knowledgable friends and professionals.

I am unable to share with you details on my journey of how I made natural choices to overcome my Immune System challenges, but I want you to know – you can research and find your own medicine from God!!!

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