Peaceful Nights for Little Ones – Giveaway too!


A little over four years ago our family had a very special guest staying with us, a sweet little 12 month old boy named Jacob who we were fostering.  This was our second placement and I was doing all I could to make his time in our home special, meaningful and peaceful.  It was a blessing that I first discovered Hidden in My Heart  scripture lullabies during that time.  

No nightmares, no fits of restlessness – just calm, peaceful music surrounding him.

Hidden in My Heart, Vol. I, played an important part in my little guys bedtime routine.  We had our bedtime ritual, including teeth brushing, snuggling and book reading, but when Jacob got tucked in, we would start the CD in his player by his bed and these scripture songs would lull him to sleep.

I felt good as a mom knowing he would fall asleep hearing scripture whispered so beautifully in his ears – so impactful and precious.  

Well fast forward four years and you will know that Jacob was adopted into our family and he still listens to the same CD at bedtime, until recently.  I know it was a piece of the puzzle which helped him make his transition into our home the best possible.  I also loved being able to send this music along with him when he spent the night elsewhere…… familiar and known to him.  It was such a relief.  With his music and essential oils routine at bedtime, he is all set!

The folks at Breakaway Music shared with me the Volume II and Volume III in this series so we have had some fun picking new music at bedtime!  These Cd’s are just as magical as the others and so refreshing, I have even begun listening to them while writing at my computer and driving in the car.

These CD’s are a great alternative from the dull bedtime music you can choose and make the BEST ever baby shower gift and/or new arrival gift.  What mom doesn’t desire soothing music to lay her beautiful baby down to sleep?

I am so excited to share this music with you and also offer a 20% off code that you can use to make your purchase:   CM2015.

In addition, you can also enter to win a copy of your choice of CD’s – Volume I, Volume II or Volume III by entering the giveaway below.  The giveaway will close at midnight, Monday, March 9th.


 Hidden In My Heart Vol I CD

Hidden In My Heart Vol II CD

Hidden In My Heart Vol III CD

(Prices include FREE shipping on the CD, or you can choose immediate download)  

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