6 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities for Families

Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s breakfast

Start the day off with a hug and specially themed breakfast.  This one is perfect, some healthy fruit and I will be adding Gluten Free Pancakes using our favorite mix I buy in bulk on amazon! Do you have a favorite Valentine breakfast idea?

The skewers are adorable, but I will likely just place on a place all together – I will have to practice my heart pancake skills, or order this heart mold really quick!  

Spread the love

Visit an assisted-care home, nursing home, or hospital to deliver handmade Valentine’s.  I can remember doing this as a younger girl, our Girl Scout troop would do this, I still have vivid memories today.

Or you could also visit people those who serve others, like firemen, librarians, police officers, etc., or even in your neighborhood (maybe a package of flower seeds in lieu of flowers and decorate up cute with ribbons, etc., depending on who you visit)

Or another cute idea here, where kids can color and decorate the “pot”.  I do love creative people with ideas that are adorable.  Because this mama isn’t as creative as she use to be!

A fun gift idea good for going to a hospital would be Valentine’s color printable and tie on a small pack of markers or colors.  How fun would that be to deliver to a children’s hospital?

Gratitude jar

Decorate a mason jar or jelly jar for each person in the family. Every day for two weeks, put a short note inside of “things you do that make me smile” or “reasons I love being your mom” or “I appreciate it when you _____” or “I’m glad you’re my brother because _____” or “I feel happy when you _____” or “I love spending time with you doing _____” or “Thank you for ____”.

Then have a family night and take turns reading your love notes.

I loved this simple and easy template for this idea.

Make pink ice cream

Make and enjoy a healthy but delicious Valentine’s Day themed ice cream for a snack or dessert using frozen bananas and strawberries. A Yonanas machine is wonderful for this, but you can use your blender.

Here’s a good recipe that everyone will love to help make – plus it’s 100% healthy and dairy free!

Love notes

Use these free printables as lunchbox notes or plant around the house as little surprises when they least expect them, tape to bathroom mirror, put at breakfast table, put on pillow before bed, etc.  Using these all throughout the year can create a fun environment in your home – not just for Valentine’s Day!

Movie theme gift basket

A more untraditional basket but one that usually pleases! Surprise them with a family movie night. The gift basket helps build excitement.   With Valentine’s Day being mid-week, it would be a fun celebration to have some snacks and a great movie.  I think I am leaning to, “Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.” 

Do you have any fun traditions in your family for Valentine’s Day?

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