My Secret Tips on Surviving the Season

Tips on Surviving the Season

As busy moms, we are entering into one of the craziest and often high stress seasons of the year.  It can be so overwhelming that we are unable to keep our head above water.

Not this year – not for me.

I have had those seasons and I’ve been determined to find a rhythm that works for me as I parent, run two home businesses, volunteer in my community and be the wife I am called to be.

Here are a few secret weapons I have in my back pocket I want to share with you!

Green Chef

Meal prep and planning have become a real burden for me.  There are seasons where I enjoy scanning cookbooks and Pinterest for delicious meal ideas, however that is not my season right now.  We live 20 miles from a major grocery store, so planning needs to be done very efficiently.  That is why I am love with my Green Chef delivery, which arrives every Friday.  I get three dinner meals, delivered with all the ingredients I need – which are organic and chosen to fit my dietary preference.  We are on the PALEO plan and I love it!  Is it a bit more costly  than me doing the work – of course, but right now my time and energy is used best elsewhere.

Well Balanced Life

Self-care of my need for regular, gentle activity and movement of my body had been pushed to the wayside.  Take into account the weather where we live, on the Washington Coast can make it tricky to get outside really had me in a pinch.  I joined a FREE Pilates Challenge back on September and I loved it!  After that ended I hopped into The Balanced Life Sisterhood, where Robin (she’s amazing!!) offers a monthly membership program which puts together a Pilates exercise routine for you – for each day of the week, Monday thru Friday.  I do love being told just what to do – no waiting time finding the workout, just click and go.  I love the variety of the workouts too, some are just 7 minutes and some are 33 minutes – so I can always find time to do one.  My goal is six days a week, and I have kept on track!  Being able to work out from home with little thought and equipment is a WIN/WIN for me!

Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

Where have these Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules been all my life!!??  I am a huge proponent of incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar into my routine, but truly – the taste is a hard thing to swallow!  So when a friend shared these capsules with me, I was all in.   I love that Apple Cider Vinegar is so helpful for our digestive system and also our immune system.  Even better is that I can open these up and put them in a bit of applesauce and my seven year old can get the benefits too.  These are helping us stay healthy as we enter the winter season!  Wonder what else Apple Cider Vinegar can do… google it!! It’s amazing!

Essential Oils

Yes, still using and chatting about my wonderful essential oils.  They are used daily, actually multiple times a day to help support our immune system.  There is nothing that I have done in the past almost five years of my life that has made the biggest impact on the health and wellness of myself and my family.  The all natural, plant based products in our home also help us maintain a good-operating machine so we can meet each day refreshed and ready to go.  I love Lavender in my diffuser with Cedarwood to ease the stressors of the day and promote the best nights sleep, both for me and my youngest!   Having a toolbox full of helpful goodies I can use when I need it, which can often be in the middle of the night, is a wonderfully empowering feeling.

Stitch Fix

I hate the mall and I really dislike going shopping.  So, Stitch Fix saves me – a lot!!  With the holidays coming and a few fun trips I have planned, I need a wardrobe refresher.  In steps Stitch Fix.  Did you know right now, until the end of November,  you can get a FIX with no styling fee?  That means you have NO RISK!!  Wouldn’t you love a personal shopper?  That is what you get!  Someone else picks out of the clothes and they arrive on your doorstep.  AHHHHH.  You try them on in your own home, whatever you do not care for you can easily pop in the pre-paid package to return back.  You just pay for what you keep.  They have the best jeans ever!  The only jeans in my closet now are jeans I got from Stitch Fix, they just fit right!  Do yourself a favor and schedule a Fix for you now, no risk!

There are a few of my secrets for keeping things sane and smooth here as we enter this busy holiday season.  Taking time to enjoy the moments is truly the most important.

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