A Mom’s #1 Stress Buster


There seems to be a few consistent factors that tend to trigger mommy stress, including financial strain, parenting concerns and worries, unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our kids, lack of support, too much to do in too little time, relationship conflict and just plain exhaustion.

Are you struggling with any of these?

Do you find that your stress level begins to skyrocket and even though you are already exhausted, it takes even more energy to remain in any kind of pleasant mood?

The impact that our stress has on our own bodies is incredible.  Stress sucks the life out of us, which means our interactions with others are negatively impacted.  Bottom line, our families suffer.

Moms who experience ongoing stress are prone to be more insensitive, harsh and more likely to make negative comments in an angry tone to their kids. Studies also should that a mom’s ability to manage stress is a strong predictor of the quality of her relationship with her children and how happy their children were!  OUCH!

Are you interested in learning to let go of some of that stress? 

I admit, I struggle with good days and bad days, just like you I am sure.  Some days are just easier than others – right?  But the one thing that I know I can do to ensure a much smoother ‘glide’ through the day is to start my day off getting a pep talk!

I have to meet with God.

I can completely tell (and I am sure my family can too!) they days where I do not take a few minutes in the morning to get my head on straight, hear what God has to say to me, and gain some fatherly advice.  He is there and waiting everyday, it is up to me to come for a visit.

If you do not meet for your own ‘pep’ talk, why  not?  What is keeping you from sitting down and embracing some solitude and allowing Truth to infuse you?  Is it because you do not want to get up a little earlier?  You feel you do not have 10 minutes to give because you are already overbooked?  What is your excuse?

Motherhood is an incredible calling on our lives.  If we can’t take the time to meet with Him who has given us this important duty, what more is there?  I can guarantee that you will begin a journey of renewal, redemption and hope if you take the time to listen to what God wants to share with you each day as you venture on your path of motherhood.

The #1 stress buster – is Him.  He is faithful and desires to walk alongside you – if you allow Him to.


One  resource that I have found particularly enjoyable recently is:

When Motherhood Feels Too Hard – by Kelly Crawford  

A wonderful devotional which will breathe life back into your role as a mother.  (PSSST:  If you sign up to subscribe to her blog, you will get a 15% coupon code to use on any of her products!)

Do you have a favorite devotion?

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