Sharing My Hawaiian Adventure


I hardly know where to begin to share with you my story of my trip to Hawaii last week. I still have to pinch myself to help remind myself that it was really true and I am not photo shopped into these pictures or they weren’t taken by someone else!

It all started back in October when someone let me know I was on the leaderboard for earning a trip to Hawaii with 60 other Young Living Distributors.  I was like, “WHAAAAAT?”  

Sure enough, I was and when all was said and done at the end of the promotion period, I came in with a spot that earned an all-expense paid trip to the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort and the chance to visit Young Living newest partner farm, Haloa Aina.  God is incredible and full of surprises, isn’t HE????

I feel so blessed to be part of a company that not only helps others live a healthier life, but also values it’s employees and knows how to spoil them – everyone likes to be appreciated.  This trip for me was a HUGE ‘spoiling’ trip for sure!

This is by far the condensed version of my 5 day trip – but I wanted to share with you some of the amazing things that are going on behind the scenes at Young Living that I was able to experience and can share with you.  There are a lot of photos, so feel free to breeze through or grab a cup of coffee and relax in paradise a bit – via your computer screen!

I was delighted that my husband could come along and that I met such amazing people.  {This was the first time my husband and I had been away for more than 2 nights since we were married!!!}

Hilton Waikoloa Village 


The resort was incredible, this was the view from our amazing room – seriously YES!  I was able to have my devotional time while looking at the ocean, admiring God’s creation and watch the dolphins below us frolic around – it was literally incredible.


Here is a glimpse of the sunrise one morning – simply breathtaking!  I hope one day I can return and take the rest of my family with me, the resort has everything you could need and more.

The Sandalwood Farm

Young Living has partnered with Jeff Lee, who owns Haloa Aina, Young Living’s newest partner farm, which is approximately 6 square miles – 2800 acres.  


This land is part of a wild forest recovery project.  Most of the native sandalwood trees were destroyed by cattle many years ago, but now this farm is the most dense sandalwood farm worldwide.  Incredible!

No non-native trees exist here, which is pretty unique in of itself for Hawaii.  There are more trees on this farm, 200,000 trees which are less than 4 years old,  than what is on the entire planet.    These newer trees are being grown from the old, distressed trees.  All the trees are grown, harvested and distilled on the farm.  

The dying trees produce  a much more therapeutic oil than a healthy tree.  The more distressed the trees are – the better their hardwood is, it has more strength and produce a better oil at a higher quantity.The struggle to survive makes the oil even stronger, it was amazing to learn all the pieces to the puzzle and why this Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil is so sought after.


The Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a nutty, woodsy, sweet aroma that is uplifting and invigorating.  Availability to purchase is on the horizon; but I got to go home with a bottle of my own!!  So exciting!

We spent the afternoon looking at the equipment on the farm and even got to do some work on the farm!  We were able to participate in gathering seeds from growing sandalwood trees for planting, planting baby sandalwood trees and applying a protection boundary about existing trees to aid in growth.  I chose to gather seeds!


These are what Sandalwood seeds look like.  The small dark colored seeds are ready to be picked.  We walked around the farm gathering seeds and taking in the incredible beauty of the scenery.

It was really interesting to learn what makes Hawaiian Sandalwood so unique, making it preferred to Sandalwood normally grown in Sri Lanka and India are the lava tubes that are here.  Sandalwood trees are a parasite; the grow off of other plants and also draw from the gases and minerals found in the lava tubes which are below ground.  The roots go into the cavity of the lava tube, obtaining the minerals from the gases that have been held there – which was incredible to learn.  Also the high altitude of this farm, at 5000 ft above sea level helps with the efficacy of the oil.

Here I am sharing with you what I was doing – hope you can feel the Hawaiian air blowing!


Meeting Gary Young


There were so many great parts of my trip, but the incredible highlight was the chance to meet Gary Young, the founder and CEO of Young Living and hear his stories, his heart for healing people and seeing his desire to partner with Jeff Lee and create opportunity.  

I saw first hand the high standards that are placed not only on our own Young Living farms, but the partner farms as well.  Both are operated with the same integrity that a Young Living owned farm does.


We were able to see the area where distilling takes place and Gary Young was seen observing equipment and taking measures to ensure quality. 

It was an incredible day and everyone who came was thrilled to see what was happening on this farm.  On the bus ride out to the farm, Gary Young rode on our bus and for over an hour I was blessed by his conversation, sharing with us what he had been working on.


Here we all are celebrating at the farm together!  It was so memorable.


We had the opportunity to pick a fun activity to do the day before we left – either Horseback riding {um, not so much my favorite} snorkeling {yeah, don’t really like swimming with all those little fish wanting to nibble on me} or going Zip Lining {this was would not have been my first choice either, but you know, you gotta go for it sometimes!}

So I picked Zip Lining – even though I am a bit scared of heights and certainly do not feel the need to get some speed sipping across big canyons.  But my friend Myra {who I met for the first time in person on this trip  —– SQUEEL —-} was going, so I decided, why not.


It was so fun to do it with a group that I had begun to know so well – what a great group of encouraging ladies, oh…and my husband.  We laughed as he often joked, he felt like he was on a group date on the Bachelor!  He was always with a bunch of ladies!

I do have control issues and certainly like to stay in control, so this was a trusting exercise for me.  You truly had to let go and trust – and ladies, it was the best thing for me.  I laughed and smiled – I cannot even remember that last time I had so much fun.  As a mama busy behind a desk a lot of the time, this certainly ranks up there with being a bit crazy, especially at 46!!


Here was one of our first obstacles – a bridge that hung high above a gully and waterfall – yeah – you had to walk across it – seriously!

So on I went.


The walk through the woods was so beautiful – every time we turned around there was a great site to be had.


It was a treasured memory that I will hold dear – seriously I think my face still is sore from all the smiling!  {My helmet did say HONEY on it, but the letter peeled – it was not meant to say loney!}

You will get a kick out of this video for sure!



I loved so many things about this trip, but one of the best was meeting my blogging friend Myra, {My Blessed Life} who I have come to know so well over the past year.  When you work online, you create a lot of relationships, so when you actually get to meet someone in person you really treasure that.  I had that privilege and was so blessed.  She also earned her way to Hawaii!  It was awesome – and we are both gals that need to stay out of the sun too, thus the classy hats!  You can hop over and read her post about the trip too!


I feel spoiled beyond measure – and was so thankful that my husband could come along and join me.  


What an incredible experience we shared together and I will never forget it.  I loved that he learned more about the oils we are using in our home, how he can support me in that journey and now he is even asking to use more things because of what Gary Young talked about on the bus!  I am so thankful for that.  Sharing in the oily journey is so much better in pairs!

I chose Young Living as my essential oil company after doing much research, it was the right fit for our family.  I am so grateful for what they provide and even more blessed to have personally met Gary Young as well as other Young Living family members who share in the journey of spreading the word about God’s healing oils.  

If you would like to know more about Young Living and how you can become a member and start your family on a journey of better health – check it out HERE.

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