No More Perfect Moms Week SEVEN


Oh, boy……this week will really hit home for so many of you.  It sure did for me – especially watching the video to kick things off.  We juggle so many things as moms and there is hardly a spare minute ever!

I had to laugh at my husband the other night, as he was a bit upset as the past few weeks I have just wanted to sit down in the evening to watch the Olympics with my family and have a glass of wine!  He was miffed that I didn’t want to “do an activity” like a game, or go bowling or ________  {fill in the blank}.  

Okay, let me explain a bit, I am often very tired in the evening, I will admit that – but in the past month we have spent only about 10 days in our home as we’ve been having painting and hardwood floors refinished, I was behind on writing blog posts as I have had no “work hours” to actually write – I’ve squeezed writing into my day and it means it takes me 3 times as long to write a posts as it would be otherwise, when I don’t have a 4 year old needing me too, interrupting me.  Plus, I was out of town for 5 days in a lovely vacation.  I am not complaining, but this old mom can only take so much!!

My house is a mess, furniture is not back where it needs to be, pictures are not on walls and dust is everywhere!  So, I just laugh at the fact that he doesn’t quite see my day as I do and pray that maybe he will – one day!

Motherhood is the ministry of Interruptions – I loved that!

Here is the agenda for this week:

{If you are viewing this post via email, you will need to click through to the website to view the video}


Week 7:  March 10 – 14 , 2014

Monday – watch the video, download the discussion questions for WEEK SEVEN  

Tuesday – come prepared by having read Chapter Seven, join the conversation

Wednesday – check in over at Facebook for a few questions 

Thursday – read the blog post on applying what we’ve learned this week; get started reading Chapter 8 {next week we will be doing chapters 8 and 9, so get ahead!!}

Was there something that spoke to you in the video?  

Are you a mom who can roll with the punches during the day or are you better with schedule and routine?

Please share in the comments and hop over to the Facebook page.   

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