Chapter Seven – No More Perfect Days


As we read through this book, and for me it is a second time reading – I discover that each chapter it what I need to read RIGHT NOW!!  They just keep getting better and better.

I will be the first to admit, I rather like controlling things – especially when it comes to having routine, everyone following along and coloring inside the lines.  So, I am very weak at ‘going with the flow’, which affects everyone in my home in a ‘not so perfect’ way.

“Learning to live with kids requires making major adjustments in our realistic expectations.  We have to learn to expect the unexpected, find flexibility, and increase the margin.  Instead of getting frustrated, let’s stop expecting a fantasy and instead embrace reality.”

Ohhh, that sounds so good, huh?  I can tell from the comments yesterday on the Facebook page that I am not the only one who loves control and routine.  I would say 80% of us do.  Why is that?

I was reminded though of how special my time is and I need to focus on activities and being present with my family.  It is not always about the to-do list, items will get done, or if they don’t oh well {except blog posts which are expected!!} but those moments with my family will be missed if I don’t stop and allow myself to be distracted from my agenda.

I was really reminded of what I am missing and how little fun I am scheduling in my life when I went zip lining in Hawaii last week.  I seriously had never smile and laughed that much – I experienced beauty, friendship, victory, and FUN.  If you missed the video, let me share it again – it was so fun!!!

{If you are reading through an email update you will have to click through to view the video}


I am a practical gal, who doesn’t see the need to spend the money on impractical things – which zip lining to me would be impractical.  But I was given a new perspective on what it means to be a bit impractical and do those things we sometimes pass up because of fear or our need to be more practical.

Looking back, I am glad the zip lining was included in my all-expense paid trip, but honestly, I have now ben able to look at opportunities a bit differently.  If I could take my entire family zip-lining and it meant we didn’t eat out for dinner for an entire 6 months – I WOULD!  I am not sure I could say that 2 weeks ago.

Okay, back to the study  :-)

“Control is really a mirage.  The only control you and I can really have is self-control, and the Bible says that is a fruit of the Spirit.”  

BINGO – that is what I need to remember……I need to learn to control my own actions and responses better and in a more Godly way.  Which means making myself available and not feeling confined to my ‘lists’.

We’ll talk more on this chapter and dig in a bit deeper on Thursday – take some time in the next few days to really examine what areas you struggle with and also this term margin.  It is a HOT BUTTON of sorts, making sure you have enough margin – I have flunked!

Do you have enough margin in your life to have the pace and space to allow real life to happen?

Did you download the discussion questions yet for this week?  You can do that here.

And, yes …. I am getting very excited to go to the Hearts at Home Conference this weekend!  I am hoping to meet Jill Savage!!  So fun….I will be posting lots of pictures for you all too!

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