Spring into Creativity – Heather Hammond

I live in Michigan and our winters are long. And by long, I mean lo-ong. Every year I am surprised when spring actually makes its appearance because for most of February I start to think that the winter is never going to end. I am soaking in those first days of spring right now: I am spending a lot of time outside and trying to position myself so I am sitting in the sun. The sunshine and fresh air also brings a lot out of me, and maybe you, too.

Usually, we become more active, which means organizing, straightening, cleaning up – hence, the traditional “spring cleaning.” Many people start up a new exercise routine in the spring; it’s both a chance to be outside and also a way to use up the sudden burst of energy we feel after a sedentary winter.

Spring is also a creative time of the year. Everything shows its creativity – the trees and flowers are in full bloom, the earth shoots up food for us to eat and flowers to smell. It’s no surprise that many of us feel our creative juices flowing during this season as well.

Part of living a whole, balanced life is allowing your creativity to flow. What are some ways you can release this creative energy?

  • Do you have a craft project that you can pull out and work on while you’re watching all those season finales on TV?
  • Maybe you love writing, but haven’t picked up your pen since college. Set aside time to play with words and put them together in the way only you can do.
  • Do your creative juices flow in the kitchen? Stop by the library and pick up a new cookbook and experiment! Or try cooking with a new vegetable.

What are other ways that you can feed your creativity? Take a dance class? Read a novel? Plant an herb garden?

I have the privilege of seeing the ultimate new life and creativity this spring as I welcome our second daughter into the world this March. The birth of a baby is nothing short of a miracle, and I get the sense God is showing off his creativity just a little; I can’t wait to see what bundle of quirks and personality and character traits are displayed in this new life.

After my first daughter was born, I felt a surge of creativity. In fact, I was in the middle of a writing project – the script for a musical – and I threw myself into that project with gusto after she was born. It’s no wonder after witnessing the creativity of her new life coming into the world that I would be inspired in my own creativity.

Spring is the budding of new life all around. While all of nature and creation is showing off its creative beauty, take some time to go with the flow and let your own creativity loose.

Heather Hammond is a certified holistic health coach, but at the moment is focusing on the health and happiness of her home and spending time with her newborn and toddler daughters and husband. She is also a freelance writer and theater director. You can find her occasionally on her blog writing about health ( and on twitter (@WholeLivingGal).

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