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Do you look forward to weekend breakfasts with your family as much as I do?

Did you have a nice family breakfast this morning?  I am planning some yummy egg/potato muffin bites, easy to make and also easy to put in the freezer for during the week!

I use to only look forward to breakfast together with my family on the weekend, but since I’ve incorporated the eMeals breakfast plan into my weekly shopping, things have changed!

I enjoy warm breakfasts – no cereal for this mama!  I also enjoy trying new things and fortunately so do my kids, so this plan is perfect.  If you are looking for kid-friendly recipes that are far from boring you may want to download this FREE 1 week PDF download of their breakfast meal plan, complete with grocery list they are offering right now!   {How about those Strawberry and Cream Cheese Wafflewiches!}

The  breakfast meal plan is available as a $3 per month add-on to any of eMeals 50 dinner meal plans. These breakfasts are meant to give you a wide range of options and get you out of the cereal and milk rut!

For a limited time you can use the discount code BREAKFAST30 for 30% off!

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What is your favorite breakfast food?

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