Weekly Household Quick Tip: Lavender Laundry Rinse

Weekly Household Quick Tip: Lavender Laundry Rinse

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Lovely Lavender Laundry Rinse

Lavender Laundry Rinse

I’ve been using a wonderful eco-friendly, natural laundry softener and rinse for the past month. It makes doing laundry actually pleasant! This homemade vinegar rinse takes all of about 3 minutes to make and you will feel better about adding it to your laundry and having your family wear it next to their skin.

If you are fed up with those harmful, artificially fragranced, and synthetic fabric softeners, you’ll be delighted with this alternative. I’ve been surprised by the wonderful scent of my laundry and really pleased at how well it whitens whites, brightens colors, removes odors, and softens every piece of laundry naturally. With my new found love of using essential oils in our home, this is at the top of my list of great ways to implement more natural routines in our home.

Here is what you will need:

You’ll want to add the essential oil to the distilled white vinegar. If you are lucky you can get your vinegar in a glass bottle, but unfortunately mine comes in plastic. I went ahead and used this bottle, but will be searching for a glass bottle I can use in the future. (Think thrift store!)

Shake the bottle of vinegar and oil well and label it clearly so anyone would know it’s for laundry and not for cooking!

Give it a shake to reincorporate the essential oils into the vinegar and add just under 1/4 cup to your laundry. I am able to put it in the rinse slot at the beginning of my cycle.

What’s Great About This Rinse?

Lavender Laundry Rinse

Vinegar‘s acidic properties help remove any remaining traces of alkaline detergent and mineral deposits, which results in soft, non-dingy looking laundry. In addition, the acetic acid and other properties in vinegar help naturally combat mold, viruses, and bacteria, so it is a great addition to your wash when cleaning rags or especially dirty clothes. Vinegar also naturally freshens.

Lavender naturally scents your laundry and has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing. It also acts as a natural moth repellent.

You can use other essential oils. I’ve also made a batch with Purification, which is a great one for really icky loads of laundry!


This is a great little gift idea – very economical and easy to make. You can create really cute labels and/or gift tags too.

To clean a washing machine with mold, built-up soap scum, or mineral deposits, add one cup of this rinse to a hot-water wash cycle and run the machine empty. This is a great thing to do for periodic machine maintenance, too..

Warning! Don’t ever mix vinegar with chlorine bleach. It will create toxic chlorine gas.

What would your essential oil be for your laundry rinse?

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