Goal Setting for Moms


goal setting for moms

As a mom, it’s natural to be more concerned about your children than you are about yourself. I mean, it’s what we are programmed to do! But it’s important that we take time to reflect on ourselves regularly as well.

I try to take a yearly retreat to organize my thoughts, examine my goals, and take the time to re-charge. Still looking at the calendar for a place to do it this year, I am thinking that nice little beach house I’ve been waiting for will be my perfect spot soon!

If we do not take time to think about our hopes and dreams and set goals and actions steps to get there, nothing will ever change. Did you catch my blog post from Tuesday? Little baby steps ladies!

We all have areas that we would like to see change in. Let’s touch on a few areas where you could dig in a bit deeper to try to make positive changes that will influence your family for the better.

Family Goals

Family is among the most important things in a mom’s life, so it is important to set goals pertaining to our marriage and children. Whether there is something you would like to change about your parenting style or an area of your marriage that could use some work, working on family dynamics can make life happier and less stressful.

Of course family goals do not have to be that serious. Maybe your family has never been on a real vacation, and you would like to do that this year. Consciously setting goals for such things is the first step toward making them happen. I love sitting around the dinner table talking about vacation ideas. This is the time of year to do this! Come up with some ideas for a summer vacation that you can set as a goal for your family. Get everyone involved if it involves planning, saving money, and getting excited about it. Even if it is a camping trip, get everyone involved.

Family goals are not just for our spouses and children. We may also wish to set goals pertaining to our relationships with parents, siblings, or other family members. If you don’t see your parents as much as you would like or have had a feud with a sibling over the years, you could set goals to correct these situations. Realizing that we make choices everyday on how we interact with others and that it is a choice to hold grudges and feelings of betrayal – I know, I’ve experienced this type of pain for years until I decided to allow it to go. Search for the right path for troubled relationships and allow healing to occur.

Individual Goals

Setting goals pertaining exclusively to ourselves is something that many moms don’t take the time to do. By working on aspects of our lives that are important to us and perhaps we are frustrated with, we can feel better about ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves we have better attitudes, and that makes us better parents and wives.

I decided a few weeks ago that my daily routines needed to shift. I needed to make some decisions about what need to change instead of just allowing things to continue as they were. I know have shifted my days to getting up at 5:15 AM, working out first thing in the morning after my devotion time, and allowing myself a nap in the afternoon. Big goals for me and I am being successful because of small steps in the right direction.

Setting goals is important for moms because doing so helps us change things in our lives that are not as we would like them to be. Defining goals that pertain to both ourselves and our relationships with those who are important to us can result in changes that make our lives happier and more fulfilling. Isn’t that what you want for 2013 and moving forward?

What is at the top of your list?

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