Investing in Friendships



I have procrastinated writing this post – honestly because I know how I struggle in this area.  Pushing ahead and making effort to create new friendships is hard work.  I know I am not alone.

As moms we are busy and overwhelmed, so when it come sot putting one more thing on our ‘to-do’ list, like “make friends” it can be too much.  But you know, God created us for relationship – with Him and with others.  I need to be reminded of this daily and I also need practical ways to break out of my tendency to just  hang out with myself.  Because honestly, I am not so great all the time!

“Having good friends is like having money in the bank.  When life gets rough, they are there when you need to make a withdrawal.”

Do you feel like you have a group of friends you can call in, like in the examples Jill gave?  I have my group of bible study friends, but honestly, I would rarely if EVER feel like I could call for help.  I am so darn stubborn and independent – I will hardly ever ask for help or let my guard down.  Ooops, another thing you learned about me!

This chapter has been a real wake-up call for me, I need to invest in my friendships.  PERIOD!   Real, in-person friendships.  I am great at online relationships, that is the heartbeat of my business and my livelihood, but taking the time to intentionally create in-person relationships has taken a huge back seat.  I would say, honestly, I am just being lazy.

It is easier to stay home.  

It is easier to not find a sitter when my husband it out of town.  

It is easier for me to complain than to change this area.  {So I just sent a text message to a friend asking to do something tomorrow evening…..seriously, right in the middle of writing this post!  I stepped out and did it, the time to start is now!}

“Today is the day for you to call a friend you want to get to know better or invest in a friendship you already have.”

Apply the Antidote

Did one of the areas Jill shared about speak to you more?  Changing your expectations, pursuing humility, pursuing courage or being confident?

I felt for myself that pursuing courage really resonated with me.  I tend to have the fear of asking for fear of rejection. We all struggle with something, remember – we cannot compare our insides to someone else’s outside – always!

I am a big card sender – love me some mail in the mailbox!!  So why not pick up the challenge Jill issued in the application section of the discussion questions – 

Send a card or a note to a friend.  express your appreciation for this friendship and share word of encouragement with her.

This can be a card in the mail – or in person.  You know it will brighten her day and it will also likely make you feel pretty darn good too!

What encouragement or ideas could you give a mom who is struggling with building or finding new friendships?

Did you find the mommy manners at the end of the chapter helpful?  Would you add something else to the list?

“There are no perfect friends – just fellow moms, trying to do their best and discovering that there’s more joy in doing life together.”

Begin reading Chapter 7 for next week – come back tomorrow as I will share some photos and tid-bits from my trip to Hawaii – if you know someone who is experiencing PTSD symptoms, you will want to specifically hear what I have to share on that!

PS – did you write the love note to your spouse?  I did and it went over in a BIG way!

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