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Every so often I share some of my favorite things – products that make my life easier and that honestly make things better too!  Today on the audio blog I give you details around my newest finds, what I love about them and why I can’t live without them.

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thieves foaming hand soapThieves® Foaming Hand Soap

Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap will cleanse and condition the skin with the therapeutic-grade essential oil blend Thieves, pure lemon and orange essential oils, aloe, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin E. Dispensed as a rich foam, Young Living Thieves Foaming Hand Soap contains gentle ingredients so it can be used often without drying or stripping the skin.

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30IMG_0811

I have made a new recommendation on sunscreen HERE!

Having been diagnosed with Cutaneous Lupus, I’ve had to figure out how to manage the sunscreen world.  There are so many to choose from and from the advice of my dermatologist I picked this up since it contained Titanium Dioxide, which was the key ingredient to keeping my symptoms at bay.  If you need effective sunscreen protection, it is worth the money for sure.

IMG_0812Ground Flax Seed

The flax seed carries one of the biggest nutrient payloads on the planet.  High in most of the B vitamins, magnesium, and manganese, it also hits the mark in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and more!  Great for fiber intake too.


Digest Gold

Digest Gold is ideal for anyone suffering from health issues not necessarily associated with digestion.  I pay the price on the days I do not take it.

BioActive Tru FiberIMG_0813

There are times when this mama just does not get enough fiber and needs to assistance – enough said!  This fiber dissolves well.

Vitamin D3 Gold

I need to take Vitamin D supplements since I am unable to get any Vitamin D from the sun.  This is the best supplement – I love the small capsules.  Vitamin D supports the immune system, bone health and so much more.

IMG_0797Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Ginger Snaps

Okay, we couldn’t do the whole article and not have something like a treat.  I am all about the treats too!  Love these little cookies with a cup of coffee or tea!  $2.20 at Trader Joe’s.



FINIS H2 Gogglesgoggles kids

Love these goggles for our 3 year old, bought them for swimming, but the best use has been in the bathtub for washing hair!



Young Living Lavender OilIMG_0814

This is no secret, as I’ve shared this on my site many times, but I have to share that there are some new uses I’ve discovered and am so excited to share.  If there is one oil to begin to try in your home it is Lavender.



This mama loves a nice, soft robe.  I decided to splurge and use some Christmas money and buy this cozy robe.  It was totally worth it and this robe goes with me every time I leave the house!  Save up your coins, it is worth it ladies!

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What is one of your favorite must-have’s right now?

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