Simple Steps to a New Rhythm

Simple Steps To A New Rhythm 2

How are you doing? This new “normal” is quite strange, and if I am honest, my emotions have taken a big downward spiral on many occasions. Finding a rhythm for me and our new days at home has been critical.

We mamas really are the thermostat for our homes, so what can we do to help ourselves be the best version each and every day? I have been examining this for myself.

Yesterday I had a complete meltdown with homeschooling, not feeling valued in what I was doing, and I had not created the space for me to have some much needed self-care. Today, I chose differently and I wanted to share a few tips that I know are making a huge difference in my day.

It all starts the night before

If you have been doing this mom gig long, you know this is a common theme in many tips for having a great day. You truly must look at your day’s activities and the schedule the night before. I had forgotten this amazing habit. Now, after I have cleaned up dinner, I pull up the calendar for the next day. Since I am still running two businesses from home, I have a full calendar in the midst of homeschooling our ten-year-old too. So it’s critical I know what is happening so I can be prepared. If I have a 9 a.m. Zoom call, I will need to shift my morning tasks around, and it’s best to prepare everyone in the family the night before.

I also decide what will be for lunch and dinner for the following day. With us home now for both meals, having a plan in place is such a relief. If I need to prepare or take anything out from the freezer, I can easily do this with plenty of time. Having dinner all set is huge!! Do you weekly meal plan? Here are some tips to get you started and a free copy of my fun weekly meal plan printable.

Same time each morning

This one may not be what you want to hear, but it is proven to be true and so helpful. Getting up at the same time each morning helps your body find a rhythm that sets itself up for success. Set your intention the night before with what time you will start your day. For me, my perfect window for giving me some quiet time, exercise, and focus is 5:45 a.m. If I get up at that time, I am golden for feeling good and ready to go by 7:45, when I am needed to be ready with my game face on.

Set your intention

This is KEY!! Hear me now…when you decide the night before what time you will get up, you have a 99% higher chance of making that happen. I completely feel my subconscious senses that as well. How many times have  you decided a time to set your alarm and then you wake up two minutes prior to that alarm? It happens to me often!!! When my mind is set to proceed with a said action, I am better prepared and equipped in making it happen.

Good stuff in

What does your mind need to get started each morning in a positive way? We are all different, but I can tell you, it is NOT social media! I have made a conscious effort to NOT go to Facebook or Instagram until I have fed my mind with God’s word and filled it with truth for my day. I cannot tell you how I have booby-trapped myself when I roll out of bed and open Facebook. It’s a rabbit hole I do not want to start my day traversing.

Instead, I open my YouVersion bible app, read the verse for the day, and fall into one of the several reading plans I have chosen for myself. I also daily post a bible verse in the Confident Mom Facebook page to help you fill your mind with good stuff.

Build in rest

It may seem really backwards to say to “build in rest” since it seems that we all have less to do, but honestly, the emotional toll our bodies are carrying is taxing us. We need to be sure to have some downtime in our day. What does rest look like to you? To your kids? To your partner? Figure out what nourishes you and the members of your family. Is it reading books, doing a puzzle, taking a walk, sitting with a cup of tea, or watching a movie? Have that be part of your day for sure; you will be so relieved!

Look forward to FUN

As an enneagram one, fun is not really part of my vocabulary! I used to be way more fun, but something has shifted for me in the past ten years. However, with a ten-year-old in the house who desires fun, I need to up my game. Finding silly things to spend time on is important to him. Allowing him to see me laugh and be a goofball is one way I can lighten the mood, especially now that things are so different and so unsettling.

Today, we are headed out to create some big-time sidewalk chalk art with some friends. Not really what I desire, but I know that it will be fun for him and a great bonding experience too. So I challenge you, find some fun and scatter it through your days!

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