Stop Boredom Blues With The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar

Four Months of Summer Fun With Over 120 Kid Friendly Activities and Recipes

It’s been a strange spring for sure with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping kids and families home for the last several weeks. And while kids may have kept busy with some schoolwork and online activities, by now they are getting a little stir crazy—and quite possibly making you a little crazy too!

It’s okay, dear mama, you are doing the best you can. These are unprecedented times and no one was prepared for this. But you may be wondering how much longer can you keep the kids entertained and the house intact! Summer is nearly here and they’ll be home for the next several weeks and are already quite bored of their usual games. What’s a mom to do?!?

Take charge of your summer with my 2020 Summer Survival Calendar!

If you are familiar and already a long-time purchaser of the Summer Survival Calendar and do not need to know any more, click the HERE to purchase.

Blast Boredom Right Now!

I’m a mom too, and I know just where you’re coming from! I thought, how are we going to make it through the entire summer…it’s been a rough spring! So I got busy and scoured the Internet in search of budget-friendly, creative, and fun-filled activities that families can enjoy together and assembled them in The Confident Mom’s 2020 Summer Survival Calendar. I have done all the work for you, making your summer activities hassle-free!

The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar is a four-month calendar with over 120 activities to blast boredom and increase family time. It features at least one low-budget (and sometimes free) activity, craft project, or kid friendly recipe every day from May 1 to August 31. The calendar comes in a digital PDF download so you have it instantly, and most activities include a clickable link so you can easily view instructions or photos.

Activities You’ll Enjoy

These activities are not only easy on your pocketbook, they will inspire your child’s creative side and allow you to enjoy time together. You’ll find things like story stones, exploding baggies, pine cone art, and plastic cup games to glowing volcanoes, pizza chicken, marshmallow shooters and rainforest dirt pudding. There is no shortage of ideas to keep your child’s mind engaged! You’ll enjoy watching their faces light up when they spend time with you—these moments as a family are the ones they’ll remember forever!

To make preparation for the activities easy, I’ve included a list of all the supplies or ingredients you will need to complete the daily activities or recipes on the Summer Survival Calendar. Organized by week and by day, you can refer to the list of supplies, checking off items as you gather them so you don’t get caught empty-handed when you are ready to play!

Don’t Just Survive—Thrive

Having these mind-inspiring and budget-friendly activities is the first step in making this a fun-filled summer, but we also need to ensure you have your time allocated properly to enjoy this family bonding time. With that in mind, I have developed the 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide. This optional action guide includes several thought-provoking worksheets to help you define your summer activities and goals and develop a plan of action, as well as organizational checklists. The tools I’ve included that will help you stay on top of your game this summer are:

Summer Goals worksheet
Ideas for Summer Fun checklist
10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever action guide
Quiet Time Activities worksheet
Important Summer Dates checklist
Standard Operating Procedures worksheet
Weekly Menu Planner/Grocery List
Summer Weekly Planner
Be Summer Organized checklist

These tools will help you not only survive summer, but thrive! The 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever action guide and worksheets are included as part of the Summer Survival Calendar bundle package.

There are three packages to choose from:

  1. 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List—$9
  2. 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List + 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide + audio workshop—$11
  3. MEGA BUNDLE: 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List + 2019-2018 Summer Survival Calendars + 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide + audio workshop—$16


If you’ve purchased the Summer Survival Calendar in the past, you’ll be excited to know that the activities change every year so you are receiving fresh, new content each summer. More than 90% of the activities and recipes are new.

This summer may look different for your family, but you can make it one the kids will cherish by making fun family memories!

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