Week Two – The Fringe Hours – Finding Your Time


Week 2 Chapt 6

This is YOUR time for a new beginning….. how does that make you feel?

  • Are you inspired?
  • Deflated?
  • Uplifted?
  • Significant?

For me I feel all of those things.  I love to come up with new plans and be inspired for a new routine, but to be honest I tend to allow life to squeeze right back in where I tried to make a u-turn.   Follow thru is not a big strong point for me, but I know one day there will be a shift so I continue to push forward.  🙂

I have gotten out of my habit of rising early – I used to get up before 5:30 AM and it has slowly shifted to 6:30 AM – UGH!!  I miss it.  I need to be more disciplined to get back to my routine…. so that is my goal this week… to slowly shift my alarm 15 minutes earlier each day.

I also have never tracked my time.  I will be doing this task as well.


Part 2, Discover

Chapter 6, Finding Your Time



Are you a morning person or do you love the evenings?

Did you download the Time Log mentioned from the last post?  Do it!

I look forward to the conversation in the Private Facebook page – you all have been amazing at sharing your heart and being supportive of others situations.  I love that!

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