Finding JOY in Belonging

I am currently enjoying some gentle recovery time at home – after my big adventure (which I will share with you all next week) but I wanted to let you in on a wonderful bit of news.

A few months ago I wrote a post about how our family was searching for a new church home.  I had been at the same church for fourteen years, but both my husband and I both feel it was time to move onto a different church where we could be ministered to differently as well as be used to grow His Kingdom.

After over a year of searching, we have found a church home!

I knew within just a few minutes of walking in the door, I had found a home.  A few things that stuck out to me and gave my tired spirit some refreshment:

We were welcomed OUTSIDE the church door by a greeter.  Not attacked, but truly welcomed and given a sermon outline and bulletin that had a PEN attached!  (Sometimes it is the little things that can mean so much with hospitality!)

There was a nice spot for our youngest child, small, intimate and not overwhelming.  In addition, the church was getting ready to expand their children’s ministry to reach more families.

Before entering the chapel area, we were greeted again, where a wonderful lady shared with us about what we would experience.  This was great, because what this church does is in fact quite a bit different – they serve food – REALLY GOOD FOOD between services right inside the chapel.  So she explained it was breakfast between the first and second service and then lunch was served after the second service – to encourage fellowship and community.  (This particular tidbit just really won my heart over).

The music was passionate, uplifting, refreshing and touched my heart deeply.  I love worship and I need to place to sing, clap and sway to the music on Sunday – it was so fulfilling it was almost overwhelming to my soul.

The message was what my tired body needed – the pastor spoke and looked out into his congregation and you felt like he was speaking to you.

The church was smaller – about 200 people attending the service we went to – which for us was a lot smaller than our previous church, and we were looking for smaller.

All this to say – we all know no church is perfect, but there are times and seasons when we need to listen to God speak and be obedient to follow His lead.  Our family felt it was time to move to another church to experience His church differently and we are so amazed by His provision in the act.

So, once again I am excited to get up on Sunday, to go be a part of His community – so be ministered to and be filled in order to minister to others in that community too.

If you are in a season of searching, know – there is hope.  Pray and seek His will, I am so thankful for an answered prayer; it took awhile but we persevered and I am beyond thankful!

So as I take some time now to nourish my soul – I am finding JOY in spending time with my new family on Sundays too – such an amazing feeling of encouragement!

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