My BIG Vacation Adventure

When a lovely vacation gives you lemons – well – you just keep on ‘keeping on‘!

Earlier this month my husband and I set out on a FAB-U-LOUS vacation to Venice and on a Mediterranean cruise.  We’d been looking forward to this trip for over 6 months – you know the one, that is written on your calendar in BIG RED letters!

It was a dream trip – a big bonus being we were to have thirteen days of couples bliss – without kids – something we’ve never experienced in our entire time of dating or being married, as we are a blended family and already had kids when we met.

But sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

We arrived in Venice and spent three days viewing the sites and having a nice time, but I was not feeling 100%. (Here we are at Saint Mark’s Basilica)

I was unsure of the issue, but my digestive system wasn’t quite up to my normal self.  I was using my normal ‘go-to’ natural remedies, but was not getting the relief I normally got.

We boarded the cruise ship on Saturday and by that evening I fell pretty ill, with intense abdominal pain that had me at the mercy of my wonderful husband who prepared warm compresses to place on my tummy, while sobbing in bed.  This was not the way I envisioned my first night onboard ship.

The next morning I felt better, but not quite well enough to get off the ship for the excursion.  I stayed onboard and saw the ship Dr. who gave me a pretty routine diagnosis (a urinary tract infection) and sent me on my way.  At least now I had direction on how to help my body – or so I thought.

About thirty minutes before our ship was to leave port in Dubrovnik, Croatia….. I began having severe abdominal pain and was collapsed on the bathroom floor of our cabin… not an easy feat if you’ve ever been in a cruise ship room bathroom.  I felt like I was going to die, the pain was incredible, like child birth.

The next thirty minutes was a blur.  The ship’s Dr. rushed to our room, phoned the Captain and told him NOT to leave port until I was removed from the ship.  He suspected kidney stones.  I was screaming in pain while ship employees helped my husband toss clothing and some personal belongings into a few carry-on bags so we had something to take with us.  I was maneuvered into a wheelchair, given an IV with pain medication and put into a taxi to be rushed to a clinic in Dubrovnik, all in my pajamas and wearing no shoes.

We had no idea what to expect when arriving at the clinic – being in a foreign country and having little knowledge of what was available, but I thank GOD I arrived where I did.  The Dr. was amazing, the facility was incredible and I felt safe.  

I was quickly given an Ultrasound and a CT scan, but nothing showed up as answers to the pain I was experiencing.  The plan was to go over results in the morning and prepare for a possible Colonoscopy –  Um, yeah.. certainly not what I had in mind for my magnificent vacation.

My husband was not about to leave my side and even offered to sleep on the floor next to my bed in a shared recovery room instead of being sent off to a local hotel.  The clinic was able to offer him a spare bed, so I was relieved to have him nearby.

The following day when the Dr. suggest the next plan of action was to prepare for the colonoscopy, by husband shared his apprehension of having it done and the possible infection it may cause.  The Dr. quickly told us that this actually was his speciality – that he was primarily trained in colonoscopy.  Really?  How on earth could we arrive in a random clinic in Dubrovnik and need a colonoscopy by a Dr. who specialized in that?  

I spent the day preparing for the colonoscopy the next morning – which is not a fun process…. I will save you from those details.

The following morning I had the colonoscopy and they found that I had a twisted colon.  WHA?  How this even happens or why we could not figure out, but it was a simple fix the Dr. was able to do and after I came out of anesthesia I was ready to get back to my vacation.  

I will continue my story tomorrow on what I learned from a Croatian Colonoscopy.  :-)  Because believe it or not, even when things don’t go as planned or as I desire….. God is there in the middle – teaching me things. 

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