The Rest of the Story

Here is part two on my Big Vacation Adventure  where I am going to share (as Paul Harvey said, “the rest of the story.”)

I was cleared to leave the clinic and continue on with our trip. My husband and I decided to go ahead and try to meet up with the cruise ship in one of the next ports of call, instead of either 1) going back to Venice and wait for the date of our return flight  2)  just fly home directly to Seattle immediately.  That meant, my husband had spent several hours at a local travel agency reserving flights and a hotel just incase I was cleared to leave after the colonoscopy – he did a lot of work while I sat in the hospital bed.

So off we went on what could be described as our very own version of The Amazing Race!  We took a taxi to the airport on Dubrovnik.  We had a wonderful taxi driver who stopped at an overlook to allow me to see the famous walled city – which I missed when I didn’t go on the excursion a few days earlier.  It was the perfect way to start our adventure!  (You can se my nice bandage from my IV on my wrist).  

Bye Bye Croatia – we flew from Dubrovnik to Athens where we overnighted at an airport hotel.  I was so relieved to have a private room and my own bathroom!  It was pure bliss.

We woke at 3 AM the next morning to take another flight from Athens to Santorini, where our cruise ship was to dock at 7 AM.

Once in Santorini we took a cab to the cable car station, took a ride down on a cable car and then took a tender to our ship.  (All this while carting our luggage!)

I was examined by the ship Dr. to make sure I was truly cleared for travel and then welcomed back on the ship!  The crew was really excited to see me and really surprised.  I guess when most get off the ship due to illness, they do not return!

We got back to our cabin, dropped our bags and were off to catch up with our group to experience an excursion in Santorini.

We had a great day seeing the sites of Santorini and had an amazing lunch with friends (who were really glad to see us back!)  The view was breathtaking!

The rest of the trip was wonderful and fairly uneventful – except for a delay in returning home due to late flights.  But it was amazing and one we will remember for a long time.

So what do I feel God was teaching me on this side trip that wasn’t planned?  

Certainly many more things than what I can list, but typically I like to have things planned, no surprises and organized.  It is tough when the cookie crumbles…. and that is what happened on this trip.

1.  I can count on God to be faithful – no matter what.  PERIOD.  I believe this in my heart, but when things get rough for me, I often let the world hunker down in my soul, rather than keep HIS word there.

2. The most comforting words you can utter when you are in pain – both emotionally and physically are  JESUS.  I repeated that one amazing word over and over again, countless times.  There is power in that word.

3.  My husband is amazing and he can take care of me – I don’t always have to be the big strong in- control gal.  I think this was a key lesson in our journey, I allowed my husband to fulfill his role to be my provider and he did it so well.

4.  I can enjoy things – even when things go extremely haywire – I don’t have to have it all planned out perfectly, I can rest in just moving forward without all the answers.

5.  God is faithful – yep, that one again….. even though this ‘adventure’ cost us unexpected medical bills and the cost of additional travel expenses to catch up with the cruise…..we arrived home to two different unexpected checks to cover all the additional expenses……. amazing.

6.  I need to let loose and go with the flow more – I have taken this into consideration since I have returned and I know it will change how I view my daily life and my notoriously long to-do list. 

Sometimes a girl just needs to have fun and go with the flow and trust things will work out.  :-)

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