Give Yourself a Time and Money Raise!


Let’s continue talking about great ways to save time and money!  I began this topic a few weeks back where I shared with you how I use for a lot of my grocery purchases.  If you missed that post you can find it here.

I recently started using another online service that some of you may already know about,  It works very similar to  I posted a recipe on my Facebook Fan Page for Homemade Laundry Detergent from Jill Savage’s blog.  I was excited to try this recipe out and needed a few ingredients that I did not have at home,  Fels Naptha Soap,  Borax and Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. 

I checked out amazon and found the Fels Naptha Soap for a great deal, $4.19 with FREE shipping, then checked prices online at my local grocery store, amazon and then  I found the other two products on for a very reasonable price, plus they offer FREE shipping.  So I ordered the products and was on my way to making homemade laundry soap and did not have to run around town looking for the products! keeps track of your orders, makes it easy to re-order items and you can find some really great deals!  I recently ordered Nature’s Breeze Lavender Odor Eliminator for a coupon special price and some linen spray.  They keep track of what you purchase, divide it into different departments showing your amount spent in the past month, as well as number of items purchased, coupons used and when you need to re-order a product.  They always have coupons for items, so when you combine their low price with the coupon they offer for a product you are saving even more!

You can get a $10 credit in your account once you spend $50 too by using this link –  Who wouldn’t like that?

Do you hate running out of toilet paper? may have just the product you like cheaper than amazon –  you can set up auto ship so you will never run out of toilet paper again!  Do you use diapers, same thing – set it up so you never run out!  The list is endless of things you can never run out of again.  Can you imagine no more late night runs to the store?

I also love shopping for common personal items at  I check for sales and specials on products I use often, like Bert’s Bees items, Sonicare refills and summer skin care.  I love that they offer FREE shipping as well.

Keep watching as I give more tips on saving time and money with your everyday “to-do” list items that moms have!  It seems endless, but there are ways to sneak out time in everyday by finding the secrets to save that time.  To learn how I can personally help you save time & money with your families budget, check out a Family Manager Makeover Action Plan  just for you!

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