Becoming a Life-Giving Mom

Life Giving Moms

This chapter is the one that deeply spoke to me and convicted me to dig into this book deeper, which then brought it to be our next book study.  

Sue’s story about the house fire was scary, I cannot even imagine how I would feel in that situation – but I can imagine and know how it feels to need help as a mom – and be desperate.

Every Mom Needs Help

I do try to be transparent by sharing that I certainly do not have things all together, although I may have strengths in some areas you may be weak in, and vice-versa.  I may struggle with issues that you do not and you struggle with things I have no idea about.  But God knows.


I was reminded very CLEARLY here in chapter One, how important it is for me to get my energy, my power and my value from Him.  The one who created me to be just who I am – even in all my flaws.  I struggle every single day, but I must remember something very important, and today I was conveniently reminded of what God thinks of me when I listened to a recorded workshop by Dr. Kathy Koch from the 2014 Hearts at Home Conference:

“I am a unique, one-of-a-kind, created-in-the-image-of-God miracle.”  – Dr. Kathy Koch

I need to be reminded of that on those days when I feel like a complete failure as a mom, wife and/or friend.  I get just discouraged.  Do you feel like that too?  I needed to hear this today for me…..

I ran my half-marathon Sunday, I had been training for a few months – it was my fourth race.  I always love the challenge of beating previous race times and it is certainly a motivator.  But a little over two weeks ago I strained a muscle in my hip and had to quit my training.  I decided to push ahead and still run this weekend since it was part of a get-away weekend with my husband, who was also running the race.

Well, I barely finished the race, I was in so much pain at about mile 9 and finally by mile 11.5 I had to walk to finish, which was at 13.1 miles.  It was extremely discouraging for me and honestly, depressing.  I was crying once I crossed the finish line.

I realize this may seem silly to many.  This little ‘competition’ I had with myself is really not that big of a thing in the BIG picture.  And I would say you are right.  It really is not.  But I was invested in this desire.  Just like I am in so many other things where I can become discouraged and easily overcome.

As I walked the last portion of my race, in pain and frustration…..I whispered under my breath…. “Jesus….Jesus….Jesus”  I couldn’t say anything else, but that was powerful enough to get me across.

I was brought back to the firm reality of who my source is and who I need to continue to turn towards each and every day.

I need fresh perspective, a new look into some of those areas in my life which I’ve managed to put on idle.  Are you with me?

“A Life-Giving Mom replaced life-destroying habits with life-sustaining habits.  You have the power or choice.  The choices you make today will determine your destiny tomorrow.  You have before you choices that bring life and choices that bring death.  Choose life.”

What resonates for you in that quote from Sue’s book?  For me, I know I have power through HIM!  Each day is new and each day I can make choices better than the day before.

Start your day off by praying the Prayer to be a Life-Giving Mom.  If you have not printed those off yet, you can do so here.  Each day this week pray that – several times a day if you need to!

Here I am after my race, barely keeping the tears away.  Even in our struggles and pain HE rejoices over us.  :-)


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