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I am into simplifying things.  When you can take the stress out of tasks that need to be done,  well…..not only do I win, but my family does too!  A happy mom is one who is ready to be present with the rest of the family.

One of the main reasons moms come to me is to help them come up with systems and routines that will make it easier to manage their homes.  The DIY Family Manager Makeover is one of my most popular items.  It is full of practical checklists, reference handouts and strategies that are designed to meet the unique needs of YOUR family, not just some general family.  In addition, I have several things I do in my home which can often help busy moms and I share those.

Today, I thought I would share these with you a few of my favorite things that help me live more “simply” and have time for the things I really want to do.

Amazon Baby

Even if you are not a mom who is in the diaper buying stage, this is a great deal because you get a FREE prime membership, which means you get free two day shipping on anything you buy – ANYTHING!  You do not have to meet the $25 threshhold to avoid shipping charges.  In addition to that great benefit you get 30% off diapers and wipes everyday (with subscribe and save).  Membership is free – you can’t beat that.


I have used Emealz now for over 2 years and let me just say, dinner has been such a delight in our home.  Now don’t get me wrong, we had dinner before and it was great, but now I am not getting all stressed with planning what’s for dinner, running out of ingredients or coming up with new ideas.  Emealz does all the work for me!  They have menu plans based on weekly grocery store sales, seasonal discounts and different diet preferences.  Not only does it save me time, but it saves my family money too.  I just switched our plan to the low carb plan and am really enjoying the different recipes and so is my family!
Coupon Blogs

Using coupons helps stretch our family food budget and honestly I enjoy the challenge of saving money.  But I do not have the time or energy to research all the great deals every week, so I turn to a few great blogs that give me all the information I need.  Coupon Connection and Frugal living NW are two of my favorites.  I receive an email with store deals, internet specials and the location of online coupons too.  I just make my list and go.

Heart Connection Card Club & Current Catalog

Do you every find yourself running to the drugstore to pick up a birthday or anniversary card?  That needless running around takes up precious time, time that you as a busy mom do not have to waste.  I decided to take that “time-waster” and deposit some time back into my already full schedule by subscribing to the DaySpring Heart Connection Card Club.  It is a monthly card subscription where I get 10 of DaySprings best selling cards every month sent automatically to me for $12.95 – that is just over $1 a card!  How much did you pay the last time you went out to purchase a card at the last minute?  $4, $5 or did you get lucky for only $2.50?   The best thing is I save money, can skip a delivery or cancel at any time and I am prepared to bless someone else with a card in the mail.  It works for me and I never have to run out for cards!
Sign up now and get a free pack of cards and a free card organizer!
Another great time and money saver in this area is the Current Catalog, a web-site that offers all kinds of bulk card packs, gift wrapping, and holiday decorating supplies at wonderful prices.  I will place an order a few times a year and stock up on wrapping paper, simple birthday cards for kids, ribbon and holiday cards.  I love having supplies already on hand and I end up paying at least 50% less than I would if I were to run out at the last minute to get these items.  It is a win-win!
Current Catalog

Working Out at Home

I use to have a gym membership and I loved it!  Really loved it, and honestly I do still miss it.  But the reality was that if I was truly committed to working out on a regular basis I had to find things I could do at home.  The monthly membership fee was getting higher and with the cost of gas, it just didn’t make sense to use those funds in that way.  With the addition of a toddler to our family 7 months ago, I had to make several changes to my already established routine and this was at the top.  Our family made the decision to purchase a high quality treadmill so that we could all have access to either run or walk while the little one napped.  We also live in Seattle, and the weather this year has been truly horrible for outside exercise – I would normally run in the rain, but with a little one you make different choices!  The treadmill has been a life saver for me.  We did install a TV in front of it, but honestly I haven’t really used it.  I have instead listened to books on CD, that I get from our library.  It has been a real treat for me.  I look forward to getting on the treadmill and listening to the story.  In addition to the treadmill I have a few DVD’s that I do – two of my favorites are Jillian Michales 30 Day Shred and her Yoga Meltdown.  They keep me toned up plus they are short, only 30 minutes each.


I have mentioned Cozi before, and cannot say enough about it!!  I probably need to write a post on how I use it and how it saves me time, stress, missed appointments and more.  Cozi is the #1 free online calendar designed especially for busy families. It’s a central family organizer the whole family can access from any computer or mobile device – which is amazing!  I keep our family calendar here and every child who has internet access can check what is going on anytime they need to.  I can also print out a weekly calendar of events and post it on our frig.  I keep a running grocery list, Costco list and drugstore list going, my hubby and I keep a household “to-do” list, you can send email messages and text reminders for appointments (which is great for your kids!) and the best part – if my hubby is out and asks if we need anything from the store, he goes right to the list and can access it from his phone.  There are a ton of other features of the FREE site, make sure you go and check it out.  Sign up and start using it and see how it makes running your home and family life easier!

What mom life savers do you have that help you make time for what you really want to do?

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