Healthy Freezer Meals with Wildtree

Healthy Freezer Meals with Wildtree

Dinner – it’s almost like a bad six letter word! Planning, preparing, and cleaning up after meals are some of the biggest tasks and biggest headaches for homemakers.

I enjoy changing things up once in a while and recently I was part of a Wildtree Freezer Meal Prep Workshop at a friend’s home where a group of us prepared 80 freezer meals for her church for families in need. The concept was brilliant.

So I began to ask some questions and I learned that Wildtree is a company that has a complete line of unique herb and spice blends and mixes that are a perfect fit for my desire to live a healthier lifestyle. You can provide some unique and very healthy meals that taste great, are quick and easy to prepare, and do not have hydrogenated fats, preservatives, artificial flavors, and additives. Many of their spice mixes and blends are also gluten-free – a huge plus for me!

I decided to put together my own “Freezer Meal Prep Workshop” and I got my family involved. I ordered two freezer meal bundles – the Paleo Perfection Freezer Meal Bundle and the Crockpot & Grill Freezer Meal Bundle. These two bundles would provide 10 meals each – so a total of 20 for my family – and I had leftover spice mix and blends to use again in the future.

A Few of the Things I Loved

I was provided a complete printout which included a complete shopping list of all the items I would need from the grocery store, an instructions sheet (clearly indicating what items needed to be placed inside each gallon size Ziploc bag), a meal inventory sheet to keep track of my meals after they were made and in my freezer, and also bag labels to place on the meals.

All of the Provided Instructions

My family of four kids, my hubby, and my son’s girlfriend all contributed to a process of only about two hours to prep and put together these meals. It was a complete family affair – which was really good for everyone to see the depth it takes to prepare meals and get dinner on the table!

Preparing the Meals
Preparing the Meals

We had fun and in the end I had 20 meals in the freezer to use during our busy summer months.

The Finished Meals

I also love that I still have some spice blends left and can easily look up additional recipes to try on their website – I just click the Wildtree item I have, a meal type, and it will display my options. It makes exploring new recipes with healthy ingredients even easier.

I purchased the bundles on my own to have my family do all the work, but you can actually host a party with friends and do the same thing! What a fun idea to share meal prep with your friends and everyone goes home with healthy freezer meals done and you’ve shared a fun evening together.

Here is a brief rundown on how that works. You can contact Britta (who is my local rep) and she can hook you up with purchasing a bundle for your family. If you prefer to host a workshop yourself and are not in the Seattle area, go to the Wildtree website to be put in touch with a local representative.

What a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop Is All About

We have not gone through all our meals yet, but a few of our favorites so far from the Paleo bundle are: Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken and Dill Chicken with Vegetables. Our favorites from the Crockpot & Grill Bundle are: Easy Skillet Jambalaya, Southwestern Turkey Burgers, and Oktoberfest Brats.

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