Our Exciting New Beachy Life

Our Exciting New Beachy Life

I have hinted around at our upcoming move and today I’ll share with you all the details.  

Several years ago, my husband and I fell in love with a coastal community on the coast of Washington State, about three hours from where we currently live. I prayed and we set plans into action to save money in order to purchase our own slice of heaven in this little town called Seabrook.

Over a period of several years, we were blessed to purchase land and build a small beach house, with a longterm goal of moving to Seabrook full-time and building a main house on our property.

Earlier this summer, we felt we were being led to put plans into motion to make that happen now. And just like God does when you are following His lead, doors opened, plans easily came, and we are leaving our home in Seattle to live in Seabrook for a year to determine if it truly is what our heart has thought it would be.

We sold our home in less than a day, for over listing price, from a family who is allowing us to stay in the home for FREE as we had desired. We found a home to rent in Seabrook from a delightful couple and have enrolled our youngest into a Montessori school a two-minute walk from our home.

Why Are We Moving?

We get this question a lot and I am sure many of you are wondering too. My husband and I feel without a doubt we are venturing into a new season – with less clutter, more living intentionally, and surrounding ourselves with a very small community.

We desire a slower pace, more walks outside on the beach with our dogs, cozy raining days inside, dinner with new friends, and less traffic – much less traffic!

Seabrook Beach Walk

I have a vision for a quality of life that will be a shift for us – we have paid off debt which has freed us to make this move. We buckled down in areas to reduce our spending and also managed what we had well. I know God blesses that – He sees.

Our Future

I am fortunate because I can work from anywhere. I have freedom as a blogger and as a Young Living team leader. I can do it anywhere! My husband does travel, but the goal there is to reduce his time away – that is the ultimate goal.

We want to be sure this desire is really one that can fit our family. We will rent for a year and then decide if we want to settle permanently – if not, then we will be seeking guidance and leading to know where we will move next.  

We are selling about 80% of our stuff – um, I am nearing 50 and have accumulated a lot of stuff as a blended family with four kids! This alone is extremely exhilarating to me – to reduce and have less. I will share next week what I have been using to help me through this process {read between the lines – STRESS AWAY!}. Getting rid of stuff is emotional, tiring, scary, and freeing all at the same time!

So there you have it – my adventure right now. I am so excited to take you along on the journey. This space here is about motherhood, the adventures and challenges we all face – I am sure there is someone else who has made a huge move before and can offer suggestions to me.

So lay them on me. Please comment with any guidance you may have to offer – I am all ears!

Can’t wait to bring you along on our beach life adventure!

Seabrook Beach

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