7 Year Blogging Anniversary!

7 Year Blogging Anniversary!

You would think I would know the date in my head – like the birth dates of my children – but alas, I do not! However, Facebook reminded me yesterday when it gave me a memory in my feed – seven years ago, on July 31, 2009, I had announced that my blog was open for business.


I have written 1,018 blog posts, created over six products for busy moms which target huge struggles for moms – including my Free Weekly Household Planner which has been downloaded over 25,000 times just in 2016.  

I’ve recorded over 96 podcast episodes relating to concerns moms have on Blog Talk Radio and also available on iTunes. I have personally coached over 200 moms and helped them overcome challenges in their home, shared my journey with depression, overcome and learned to live well with an auto-immune disorder, shared about adoption, foster-care and blending a family, and tried my best to encourage you as a mom. Our blog sponsors six Compassion girls through your generous contributions when you use my Amazon affiliate link, and I’ve grown an amazing community of over 4,000 Confident Essential Oil users who are empowered to care for their family’s health and wellness. 

God is amazing – and it is only through HIM that any of this would have happened.

You see, I am no expert and I am journeying through this life – imperfect, a huge mess and often times just barely making it by. However, I do know that my mess can help encourage someone else, so that is what led me to begin sharing.

You are all part of my extended community and I am so grateful. I am touched that you will venture over to this space every so often, read what I wrote, and then leave a comment. At times, we bloggers feel alone, like we are talking to a wall – but when someone leaves a comment or emails with words of how they’ve been touched, it makes it all so worth it!

Our family is venturing into a new season – we are moving. I will share more on that next week, but know I am not going anywhere. I plan to keep sharing my life in the hopes I can help others. I feel strongly that motherhood is a gift. We have a calling on our life to nurture our families and I pray that I can continue to make improvements on that each and every day.

Also, if you are a new reader here and have not picked up a copy of my Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide Complete with Printables, hop over and do so. It is only $8 and is filled with great information to get you organized, back on track, and it’s chock full of printables you can use in your home too. I know many of you started back to school today – yikes. Thank goodness we still have a month to go here in the Seattle area!

Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate you all!

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