5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

5 Apps I Can't Live Without 2

Saving time, creating engagement, building relationships, making motherhood and parenting a bit easier – if an app can help me in those areas, I am all in!!

Let’s get ready to kick off the school year with some of my best recommendations for some apps that will surely help you out – are you ready?


I discovered this app almost nine months ago when I began to do some deep personal work on myself. She suggested I use it for the meditation options, and I seriously rolled my eyes. For me, meditation is just not part of my routine and I honestly feel it was a  complete waste of my time. But I took her advice, downloaded the app and began using it.

I discovered the meditations to be very much needed and certainly NOT a waste of my time. It was a perfect  way to  start my day or take a fifteen minute break in the middle of the day.

Even for the kids.

My nine year old also discovered he loved the bedtime stories and will ask to listen to them all the time! His favorite time is while soaking in the bath (with some Epsom salts added in for good measure!), which then allows me some extra “kid-free” time while he relaxes and listens in.

I truly hesitated at the end of my Free Trial to join and pay for a membership. However, it has been so worth it. I also use the app for the music, the stories and more while driving in the car. It’s a win/win for the entire family!


How would you love to easily download an ebook or audio book from your library with one touch? The Libby App does just that!

There are thousands of ebooks and audio books available through your local library, so why not take advantage of them? The convenience of this App for searching and downloading books has been life changing for me. I get a book recommendation and immediately will go to my Libby App to see if the local library  I am connected to has the book.

If it does, I can either immediately download it or place a hold for it. After I read it, if it’s a book I know I must have in my hands, I can then choose to purchase it. I have literally saved thousands of dollars by using our library system. What a gift!

My nine year old uses the App as well, and we are currently listening to an audio book as we travel to our long-distance chiropractor appointments. It’s time well spent.

Thrive Market

I’m an absolute freak when it comes to time saving tricks. Having the Thrive Market App is one of those amazing time savers. We order at least once a week from Thrive, because their prices are good, they carry a TON of amazing gluten-free, organic and healthy alternatives to foods we normally purchase and I so love the fact that it is all delivered to my door.

Seriously – you can save up to 50% on things you would normally buy, they offer freebies and I only order when there is a great freebie offered, so I just keep a list going and boom, order when it gives me the best goodie! I also save my items so I can order $49 at a time, so I can get the FREE shipping offered too.

There is a yearly membership fee, but we save way more than what that costs, and Thrive Market gives back, which I really love. You can try it out for FREE, and you can get 30% off your first order by clicking here.

Marco Polo

Do you like to stay in touch with friends and family? Do you have friends and family that do not live close by? I hope you have heard of Marco Polo!! It’s a  video chat for busy  people  – and it’s amazing!

I first began using it for communicating with my Young Living community, but soon saw the amazing value in using it to keep in touch with my friends and other family.

If you have little ones and perhaps family members who live out of  the area, you must get this! It’s kinda like FaceTime without having to be live on the phone at the same time. I love it for connecting and sharing ideas that take too long to type out. And, let’s be honest, there are times when we really need to share our expression with a sentiment that texting or email just cannot do.

Go get it today!!


I saved the best App for last. God’s word at your fingertips – it’s simply the best ever and it’s Free! This Bible App is simply amazing. It’s a bible, with a gazillion translations, it has a million devotional plans and you can invite others to do a plan along with you.

They also have a Bible App for kids, designed specifically to engage children with Bible stories on an age-appropriate level. Isn’t that the best!! I have enjoyed allowing my nine year old to use it through the years.

Bible Lens is also another offering they have where you can transform your own photos into images to share on social media. Download it and try it out – how fun would it be to use social media for a good cause, like spreading the Gospel?

So, tell me – do you have already use these apps? Do you have another one you’d add to the list? I would love to hear about it.

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