My FIVE Favorite Things Right Now

My 5 Favorite Things 2

I am super excited to hop in before the weekend to share my FIVE Favorite things (right now). These are making my life a little more sweet these days!

Intermittent fasting

I was inspired to check out intermittent fasting when a friend of mine jumped in. Now hear me on this, I had heard of this before and had determined I could NEVER do black coffee. I liked my coffee with almond milk just fine. Over the years I have cut back from the terribly tasty, but incredibly bad for you “coffee-mate” creamers, to raw milk, then went to NutPods (French Vanilla is my favorite) and/or almond milk.

I also thought I could never go without eating for 17-20 hours a day. But after her incredible testimony of reduced inflammation, weight loss, healing of diseases, and dramatic energy increase, I decided to jump in.

I read, “Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle,” by Gin Stephens and was totally onboard. She gave all the information in clear concise chapters, and linked to all the science stuff and studies to back up what she said.  

I just passed two months and I honestly have so much energy, have lost a few inches, and saved money in our family budget on food!!!! I have found food more enjoyable and honestly, it has less control over me. If you struggle with weight, disease or illness, I encourage you to read the book. You also may want to join the incredible Facebook group to see amazing transformations from real people. People have overcome arthritis, diabetes, thyroid issues, obesity and so much more. And the best part…it’s FREE!

I love this APP for helping keep track of my fasting hours too – LIFE Fasting APP.  I did a Facebook live on my two month journey with some tips here, and share why it is crazy amazing for those even not looking to lose weight.

Naturally alkaline spring water

I know that my body needs water – Even almost as important is the fast that the quality of the water you are consuming can truly impact you – most especially when you are doing things like fasting to help heal your body.

When I discovered FLOW alkaline spring water I was hooked. This water is sourced from an artesian spring, which contains naturally occurring electrolytes and essential minerals – giving it an alkaline pH of 8.1. FABULOUS!!!! I love the taste and the added minerals help my body during the fasting state especially.

It is packaged in 100% recyclable Non-PET & BPA-Free packaging, which is music to my ears. I do not like to buy bottled water in plastic and will rarely do that, even when out. I prefer to bring along my own water in my own glass water bottle. But when I am traveling, it’s been so refreshing to have multiple containers of FLOW to help me stay hydrated all day long.

Try it yourself for 30% off when you use my sharing link here. I love the ease of delivery to my door, but also have purchased from Whole Foods.

A sweet book for the soul

I am a big reader for personal development, but there are times that I just need a good book for my soul. I am almost finished with, “Nobody’s Cuter than You: A Memoir about the Beauty of Friendship” by Melanie Shankle and it’s been such a joy!!

If you’ve read any of Melanie’s other books, and girl…you need to because she is hilarious…you know how enjoyable they are. She has a way of drawing you right into her life and sharing the details in such a humorous way that you just want to laugh out-loud. And, I did – often!!

Go grab it and check it out for a cozy fall read – just you, a book, cup of tea (I love this tea) and a blanket!

Pumpkin spice diffuser blend

I use to be such a candle addict, until I learned all the dangers of burning them in my home!! So, I have turned to my trusty diffusers in my house and since it’s September, I can diffuse all things FALL!!!

This is one of my favorite essential oil blends to diffuse, makes it smell all cozy and like my home is ready to bring in anyone.

If you haven’t made the switch to essential oils, I’d be honored to help you grab your very own starter kit. It includes a fabulous diffuser, along with 12 essential oils and others goodies that will help you kick off the fall season armed for battle!

Dry skin brushing

As I am focusing on intermittent fasting, I want to also be sure that all the icky stuff is getting out of my body. Hydration is key for sure in that process, but I’ve also added dry skin brushing to my routine.

Why add this into my daily routine? Dry skin brushing is excellent for getting rid of dry, dead skin cells and helping the body with it’s circulation. I love doing a routine of dry skin brushing with this all-natural bristle body brush  or this firmer body brush each morning before I get in the shower.

Here is a great video that runs through the details.

There you have it, my Five Favorite Things Right Now that are bringing some sweetness to my daily life!

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