eMeals Makes Back to School Easy!

Yes, it is time to think about Back to School.  Some of you are like me and still have several weeks left of summer, yet I know a few who already have kids back to school.  I honestly cannot wait for school to begin – I love having the structure of the school year to keep everyone focused – especially me.

With Back to School comes issues like earlier bedtimes, morning routines, packing lunches and having yummy after school snacks.  I remember coming home from school when I was younger and looking forward to what my mom had for us to eat.  I still am that way, looking forward to the snacks!

Wouldn’t it be great to have some ideas for after school snacks already planned out for you?  Kinda like my Summer Survival Calendar, where you just follow the directions, no thinking involved – just get the supplies for the day listed.  Well, eMeals has got your back!

eMeals has created a Back to School Calendar with 31 Days of Snacks that is FREE for eMeals members, you just login to your eMeals account and access it to see the full calendar.  Print that baby off {I already got mine!!} and you are all set.

Here are a few of the simple recipes you will find that will surely appeal to your little ones – and even big ones!

Pretzel Stacks

Stack small pretzel twists, peanut butter, banana slices, and mini chocolate chips into a tower for your kids to enjoy a fun snack!  They look good enough to eat in the above picture.

Nutella Grahams

Dip graham crackers in chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkle lightly with wheat germ. Serve with milk for a little calcium and extra dairy for the day!

eMeals is the site {my favorite meal planning site} that helps busy moms get dinner on the table by providing you a weeks worth of menus with simple/easy recipes and a shopping list.  The best part is you can pick from a huge variety of menu plans – AND they have an APP, so it makes it even easier to plan menus, shop and keep yourself organized.   Exactly what a busy mom needs during the Back to School season.


They’ve also created a simple Back to School Survival Kit – which is a 7 page PDF that includes:

Back to School Checklist
Lunch Notes
Healthy Lunch Menu for One Week

Download yours for FREE!

This is a great addition to the printables I include in my Back 2 School Survival Guide.  If you are needing to get your ‘rear in gear’ and plan for Back to School, don’t miss this great discount to join eMeals -use the discount code SCHOOL15 for 15% off any new eMeals subscription.

What is your favorite after school snack to offer your kiddos? 

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