DIY “Good For You” Body Wash

DIY "Good For You" Body Wash

I am all about getting a good shower in. Sometimes I get so smelly during the day I take two (yep, not very frugal!). It never fails though – if I decide to “wait” to shower until I’ve taken my run or had my session of exercise for the day, it can be dangerous for those around me. I honestly don’t ever feel quite right until I’ve had my shower.

Oh, and the other part of the secret here is that when I do exert myself, I sweat like a pig – seriously. It is disgusting. I think it must have something to do with my German heritage – or at least that is what I want to believe. This whole talk of showering and sweating reminded me of a funny story that happened when my husband and I were dating.

We were in the beginning of a workout together at the local L.A. Fitness, both climbing on the stair machine, when I caught a whiff of something really “STANKY”. I mentioned it to my hubby (aka. boyfriend at the time) and he said that he smelled it. We continued on and it was getting worse. I was getting all in a bother about how bad it stunk. It was horrible. How embarrassing for someone to be smelling like that, I thought, as I peered at those who were close by me. Then all of a sudden, my boyfriend pointed out that it was me!

Sure enough, it was. It was horrible. We had eaten a wonderful meal the evening before full of garlic and it was overflowing from my pores along with my icky workout sweat. BLAH! I quickly got off the stair-climber and drove home. I was so embarrassed and I was so glad that I was already well into our relationship so that I did not feel there was a risk he would be completely turned off on the prospect that his future wife could really stink when she sweat!

Okay, now on to the real story here.

When I saw this recipe for homemade body wash over at Live Simply, I was so excited to try it myself. Now, let me just say, I used to be more of a homemade person – making more crafty things, baked goods and such. But within the past five years, it has not interested me in the least. But, here I am in a new season of life, and I am actively looking and seeking more natural ways to nourish my family, both inside their bodies and outside.

I was intrigued because this recipe was so easy! No long drawn out steps or cooking, cooling, etc – just dump it all together and you are good to go. It only has 5 simple ingredients, which by the way do not cost you an arm and a leg! I’ve adapted the original recipe, which you can find over at Live Simply, to one that works better for me.

Body Wash Ingredients

What You Will Need:

Combine all the ingredients in a bottle. I had a spare plastic bottle from an overnight kit just sitting in my bathroom cabinet, which worked perfectly. Shake it before use in order to mix it all together. I found it tends to separate a bit – and you will want to use it with a sponge or washcloth.

I did try doing a batch with more of the vegetable glycerin to use it for bubble bath for my youngest, but it just didn’t bubble up. I may try again and change the ratios of the ingredients a bit more to accomplish this. I know I would feel much better having him sit in this rather than other bubble bath concoctions we’ve used.

I loved this easy recipe. It was quick to make, it used ingredients I felt comfortable with, and in the end I know it will save me money. The added bonus is the wonderful benefits of the essential oils on my skin. Plus, I have supplies to make more batches.

I love what Kristin said about this wash:

With the cleaning power of Dr. Bronner’s and the antibacterial properties and hydrating moisture of coconut milk mixed with the antioxidant powers of Vitamin E and essential oil scent, this body soap is a perfect combo for both fighting the dirt and helping this mom relax.

I look forward to showering more than once a day now. My skin does too and I won’t break the bank with expensive body wash that doesn’t nourish my body as well either. Oh, and by the way, I will likely be getting all spruced up tonight for my anniversary date with my hubby – WOOHOO! Love celebrating and so blessed to be married to someone who challenges me everyday to be who God intends me to be.

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