7 Healthy Habit Changes for Busy Moms



It’s the busy back to school season and often times we mom’s get left behind!  We focus on the needs of our family – which is a true calling, but it can leave us feeling a bit worn out.  I thought I would gather up my top 7 tips for habits that you can start today to help you and your body function better so you can be equipped to serve your family.

Here we go….

1. Waking up early

I was going to put “waking up at 5:30 AM” but you know, that is not for everyone – so I left it open a bit for you to apply what works for you.  The only clarifier is that you need to wake up with time to get your own ‘act together’ so you can be ready for your family.  This might mean leaving enough time for devotions, prayer, listening to worship music, having a shower, exercising or other self-care needs.  

It is important to be ready to face your day both physically and mentally.  For me, I need to get up by 5:30 AM to get the items accomplished that leave me ready to face my day, for you it may be completely different.

2.  Eat breakfast

Yep, it is really the most important meal of the day!  I tend to keep things fairly simple for myself and my kids, but when my husband is in town he enjoys doing a whole spread – so I let him!!  Some of my quick favorites are scrambled eggs, a LaraBar (just grabbed these blueberry ones with a $4 off coupon too!) or my newly discovered quick breakfast is Young Living’s Balance Complete (an amazing meal replacement beverage full of nutrients and enzymes and tastes great – really – it is a vanilla little hug in the morning!)   

Give your body some energy – don’t try to “save calories” by skipping breakfast – your body needs that energy to start your day off right.

3.  Daily Movement 

Get your body moving!  I work from home and often spend several hours sitting, writing and making phones calls – which can leave me stiff and sore, which can be exacerbated due to my Lupus.  I have to incorporate some type of movement into my day, whether it is my Focus T25 routine I am involved in, training for a half-marathon, taking the dog for a walk or fitting in a Pilates workout (my favorite one!)   If you like simple routines and one that will help lengthen your body, it’s the BOMB!

4.  Support Your Immune System

I have to be very aware of this one with my Immune Challenges, but I think everyone needs to be cautious of taking care of themselves and their family.  I keep things in check by doing these things:

– Washing hands thoroughly with Thieves Foaming Hand Soap several times a day and use my Thieves Hand Purifier – love that stuff!  If I am not careful, my 4 year old would bring home all kinds of lovely preschool gifts to me!

–  I drink NingXia Red everyday!  NingXia Red is a powerful, nutrient rich, anti-oxidant drink made from wolf berries grown in China.  This is one change I made to my daily routine over a year ago and I can tell I have more energy, am able to focus of tasks more efficiently and generally have a better sense of health.   My family drinks this too and we’ve been able to maintain a level of wellness that I didn’t know before.   You can get NingXia Red through your own Young Living Membership – you will love it too!

5.  No more Soda

Give up soda – yes – I said it!!  I am one who loved a good diet coke, and have probably drank enough in my life to fill the Great Salt Lake – but since I have given it up I feel better.  I certainly don’t miss what it could have been doing to my body and how about these lovely facts?  ICK!  I find it interesting that once I began my essential oil journey and making some other healthy choices, like giving up soda, I rarely experience discomfort in my head.  When I do, I realize that I really need to give attention to something in my body, because it is not normal for me.  I try to hone in on what my body is screaming out to me, and I am very empowered with the ability to get immediate help using essential oils.  

6.  Seek Quiet & Stillness

This can be hard as a busy mom, but so worth it.  Even if you can only squeak out 5 minutes of peace….just wait – you might be able to combine it with #7 next!!  There is something about finding stillness that can refresh our spirit and be very healthy.  Our brains need rest and we need to be able to just ‘be’.  No TV, no iPhone, no computer, no radio…..just stillness.  I find myself getting this in the morning…. I loved this blog post where  Michael Hyatt shared on this topic of stillness.

7.  Take a Weekly Bath

My body has benefited HUGELY to getting in the tub once a week!  I love adding Epsom Salt for the amazing benefits plus dropping in some of my favorite oils too, like Lavender or Rosemary.   I shared in more depth here on the advantages of Epsom Salt baths – they are truly a gift you can give your body and it doesn’t cost a lot of money and fills a need your body actually craves – detoxifying and stillness.  I can guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby too!

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