Pedestals and Vacuums


I am practical.  In fact one of the characteristics that was said of me when I graduated from my Parent Coaching Certification program was, practically minded.  I am practical with my kids, the way I run my home, the way I deal with friendships – really most anything.   I don’t consider it a bad thing, but could it be?

Yesterday I got my 3rd anniversary present from my husband.  Now if we were sticking to the Hallmark way of doing things I should have received something leather (traditional gift) or crystal (modern gift).  Well, I got pedestals for my washer and dryer.  Yep, that is me – the practically minded one.  See when we purchased our new washer and dryer about 6 months ago, we decided we didn’t want to spend the extra $450 to get the pedestals for the new front loader type machine.  That is a lot of money!  You know me, practically minded!  So after having the machines for a bit, I decided I would probably end up spending more than $450 to take care of the back pain I was bound to get from bending over so much to transfer laundry.  It just wasn’t worth it.

So last month as our anniversary approached my husband asked me what I might like.  I certainly don’t need anything, especially something leather or crystal so I thought for a moment and then smiled and told him that the pedestals could be my anniversary gift.  He laughed and it was settled.  Easy shopping for him!

You see, he understands me and realizes that I am frugal, I try to be practical, especially when it comes to money matters.  In fact, two years ago he bought me a vacuum for my birthday and I was thrilled!  Most husbands would be in the dog house if they came home with a vacuum as a gift, but you see it was the new Dyson Ball!  I had a Dyson and loved it, used it when I cleaned houses as a single mom and it was dear to my heart, but I really wanted to try this new ball version.  It was my lucky day when I ripped off the paper that enclosed that big box and was extremely happy!

So I wonder, is being practical bad for my marriage or good?  Am I the only weird one that thinks like this?  Do other family managers realize that items that help them do their biggest job are okay to ask for and receive as gifts?  Just curious…..not that I would change, I mean I am who I am!  Are you practically minded?  Or do you enjoy the frivolous?

By the way, to my husbands credit and so he doesn’t get a bad rap – he did take me away for our anniversary too!  🙂

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