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Inexpensive Homemade Cleaning Products

There is more than one way to clean a surface. You can use commercial products on the market or make some of your own.  I know I have a few favorites that I’ve been using for quite some time and just love, but lately I’ve been trying to find ways to cut more store bought items from my budget.

I’ve made home-made laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent in the past, but  it seems those are short lived projects.  I make a batch then get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday and go back to store bought.  But I think I have a few ideas to help you create your own line of cleaning products without all the trouble!

There has to be something wrong when you have to wear a mask to clean your bathroom. One of my kids was always complaining about the smell of cleaners and you know – he was right!  He was just not talking about the smell of the bathroom – which can certainly be BAD with three boys sharing it!

The reality was it was bad because of the products we were using. Have you ever read the label on some? They can be hazardous to your health if swallowed, inhaled, ingested or splashed in the eyes or on the skin.  YIKES!

There are more environmentally friendly products you can purchase if you want to. Another option is to make them yourselves using common products around the house.

Homemade Items Used for Cleaning

Here are some items that you can use to create cleaning products.

White vinegar

It smells strong but it has more uses than just creating salad dressings or marinades. Used undiluted it can be used on hard water stains. The acid can eat away at deposits left on shower heads and around faucets. Don’t forget toilet stains as well. It can also be used on carpet stains to take away the smell and prevent the stain from setting. Diluted, you can add it to your laundry wash for family members with sensitive skin. Use in a spray bottle for counter tops, tub grout and sinks.


Lemon scent is great in the kitchen. A lemon half dipped in salt can be used to clean copper pots. Use a lemon rind in the garbage disposal to sharpen the blades and deodorize it. Lemon and baking soda can be used to scrub stains from counter tops as well.

Baking soda

It deodorizes your refrigerator. You don’t need to be the name brand because baking soda is still baking soda and a store brand box will still do the job. It can be used as an abrasive to clean tough stains without damaging the surface. Use it on a damp sponge to clean your tub and sinks. It is also good as an unclogging agent when used with an acid like white vinegar. If your drain is not blocked, pour baking soda down and then a trickle of water to activate it. Leave it on overnight to eat away at deposits there.  Tidy Mom did a great post last week on the uses of Baking Soda!


Borax makes a good deodorizer and cleaner. Mix it with cornmeal to use as a carpet deodorizer before vacuuming. Also, mix with hot water and use to clean your linoleum or tile flooring. Mix with baking soda and water to use as a cleanser for hard stains. It is a natural mineral but harmful if ingested and can irritate the skin so wear gloves.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cleansers to get your home clean. Have some fun and experiment with products you already have on hand.

What is your favorite homemade cleaner?

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