Simple Real Food Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Real Food Weeknight Dinners 3

This week I have a simple and easy menu plan full of real food weeknight dinner recipes. I have some tips and tricks to let you work less and enjoy some really tasty food that is both nutritious and yummy.

For Monday, I want you to grab TWO pasture-raised chickens. You will cook TWO today in your Instant Pot, one for the meal this evening, and one for Tuesday’s meal.


Instant Pot Rotisseries Chicken from Kristine’s Kitchen

Garlic-Roasted Herb Potatoes, Carrots, and Green Beans from Cooking Classy

Instant Pot Rotisseries Chicken, a perfect weeknight dinner recipe

These two recipes will be perfect for a hearty and tasty dinner. I love roasting fresh vegetables in the oven. Remember, salt, pepper, and spices are your best friend. Always use REAL salt; it’s so good for your body!

Cook one of your chickens in the early afternoon, then let the pressure release; remove the chicken to cool. You can then start your other chicken you will serve for dinner. Once your first chicken cools, you will need to remove the meat and store to use in tomorrow’s recipe. Save the carcass, as you will be making your bone broth with this carcass and the one from the other chicken.

Once you’ve served dinner, take any remaining chicken and store with the previous meat, and take both carcasses and place them in the Instant Pot. You can follow this recipe here, or I often just use some spices, lemon slices, garlic and onions, and cook. Have fun; use what you like and experiment. Strain your bone broth and save for tomorrow. I often will let the bone broth go overnight and then release it in the morning.


Chicken Vegetable Soup from Detoxinista

Try this real food chicken vegetable soup for dinner

Serve with your favorite wholesome sprouted wheat bread, rolls, or gluten-free bread.

This soup recipe is so good, and I will encourage you to have fun with it. Add more of certain vegetables, and if you have enough ingredients, be sure to make a double or triple batch! Then you can freeze a portion to have in a few weeks when you are rushed for dinner one day. I love doubling recipes to make more for a later time.


Best Sheet Pan Fajitas With Steak from 40 Aprons

Sheet Pan Fajitas With Steak, a real food treat

This recipe will be a hit and it’s so easy. I love sheet cooking in the oven—makes for easy prep and also cleanup! You can easily chop the veggies the night before and place in a baggie, and then if you have a busy day or are returning from work, simply dump it all on the sheet, along with the sliced steak. Tip: Use parchment paper any time you are using pans in your oven; the cleanup is simple and it’s less toxic than aluminum foil.

Serve this with some premade refried beans, or black beans made in your Instant Pot. Grab some organic corn tortillas, sprouted wheat tortillas, or use lettuce wraps! If you are looking for a great place to buy some organic pantry supplies, I highly recommend Thrive Market. I typically place two or three orders monthly for things like tortillas, beans, salsa (this is one of our favorites), and gluten-free products. It makes my life so much easier. You can grab 25% off your first order when you use my referral link.


Egg Roll in a Bowl With Creamy Chili Sauce from 40 Aprons

Egg Roll in a Bowl With Creamy Chili Sauce family weeknight dinner recipe

I love this recipe because it is so versatile!!! You can stick to the recipe or venture out and add some fun ingredients in the suggestions to help your family love this even more. I use ground chicken, or you can even use leftover chicken from Monday (if you have any left after your soup!).


Homemade Vegetarian Chili from Cookie and Kate

Gluten-Free Cornbread

Homemade vegetarian chili real food recipe

Perfect for a Friday night—for real!!! If you can start this in the morning and let it simmer all day in a Crockpot or on the stove, you will love it even more. If you need to skip the blender part of the recipe, no worries. It will still be so yummy!

So there you go! Save this post or pin it to your recipe board so you can easily find the links. Your family will enjoy some tasty meals for the week and maybe even have some leftovers for the weekend!

If you are needing more real food weeknight dinner recipes for your family that are simple and easy, check out my Got Dinner, Quick and Easy Recipes with over 45 of my favorites; it’s only $2.99!

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