Undivided Mom – A Review

Ahhh…..the joys of motherhood.  My days are filled with lovely children willing to lend a hand, longing to go down for 3 hour naps TWICE a day giving me endless hours of quiet time to compose myself and mature in my walk with Christ.  I have no mama stress and meals are lovingly prepared with ease and on the table each night.


As a mom of a four with children in all stages of growth and seasons, I struggle to find balance.  It’s funny, once I think I have a great routine down, something goes hay-wire and I have to adjust.  I feel that Kayse totally gets me and my situation in her new book “Undivided Mom” which releases today.

I had to privilege to read an advance copy of her 14 day devotional just for moms.  I was just what this frustrated and tired mom needed.

Undivided Mom is a devotional for moms who feel distracted, pulled in a million different directions, and really just desperately need Jesus to keep them from losing their ever-loving minds. It’s about mothering with a vision, with a purpose, for His glory, and through His strength. (In real life, not in the fairy tale land where kids are well-behaved and you always get enough sleep. Ha.) – Kayse


I enjoyed the variety Kayse chose to have in her devotional; each day alternates between a devotion based on scripture from the book of Luke, with questions for deeper thought, and a devotion based on life experience.  I could appreciate that they were short, easy reads, perfect for moms on-the-go with little time to carve out for herself.

I have done a fairly good job in the past 6 months of having consistent quiet time in the morning (I had better be careful, because as I say that I know there is something lurking in the background which will try to disrupt that!) and this book was just the perfect add-in for my devotion time, bringing me a bit closer to Christ and His plan for my journey as a mom.

Motherhood is hard, it can be tricky and we are juggling a lot.  I found myself identifying with Day 1, “Distracted and Indignant” right from the beginning.  She is referencing Luke 10:38-42, where Mary and Martha have Jesus visiting their home and Martha is so caught up in the preparations and serving those who were present.  Ladies, I am a Martha – true and true.  I find it so hard to be present and fully engaged.  This quote struck me and I keep going back to it in my journaling time:

She couldn’t see past her to-do list to realize that the Savior of the world was sitting in her living room.

BAH – so true – OUCH!  That really stings.  I am a task-orientated person and I have to be INTENTIONAL in my heart to give myself to be present with my children and my husband.  The to-do list will always be calling, it is up to me to take a step back and breathe in these precious moments.

If you are looking for a bit of a wake-up call with sweet words that will surround you, not with guilt, but more like a friend is sitting next to you enjoying a nice cup of coffee, this devotional is for you.  Grab yourself a copy and I bet you won’t be able to wait to get started.  You’ll for sure want a journal!


You will want to check out Kayse’s own post today – which includes a HUGE giveaway!  If you purchase her book on her site you can get 20% off her new book as well as any other purchase on her site using: UMLaunch20

You might want to join the twitter party tonight as well!


You can purchase your own copy as a PDF or you can get it on amazon kindle.

What is your biggest struggle as a mom right now?  How can Christ meet you there?
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Disclosure:  I received a free copy of “Undivided Mom” prior to my agreement to provide a review post.  All my opinions are my own.

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