Weekly Household Quick Tip

Tackling this daily task in the Weekly Household Planner:

Give Yourself Grace   {Oh, and address Christmas cards!}

Okay, the real task listed for this week is to address your Christmas cards.  If you are prepared, then great – go ahead and address away.  But if you are like me and do not have my cards or envelopes to address, then mama – cut yourself a break!

This leads me into sharing some bits from a post I did about 9 months ago regarding the Weekly Household Planner.  With a bunch of new moms incorporating this resource into their daily routine, I thought it would be a good idea to cover some basic principles with regard to the planner.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed…… on!

Use it as a Guide

Realize that this planner is a guide, not a mandatory list!  Some days you may not get all the things crossed off, other days you may get even more done by working ahead because you have more time available or help.  I can tell you there are many days that I do not complete the tasks, but what the list does for me is show me what I have to choose from to get done.  I found that deciding what to do or what needed to be done to keep my home running smoothly on a regular basis was overwhelming and would keep me from “moving”. {that old perfectionism mentality}  I would have to try to keep track of my tasks, remember what needed to be done this week and write a list out everyday.  UGH!

Think of this list as a starting place.  If your microwave isn’t in need of a wipe down this week, then skip it and move on.  If your shower can go a week without the quick clean, use that time for something else (like sitting down with a cup of tea or reading a story with your little one!)  Whatever doesn’t pertain to you and your home, cross it off at the beginning of the day.

It’s About Choices

Making choices everyday is one of our duties as a mom.  Deciding who gets what, when it happens and how it flows is a skill we quickly learn.  The same philosophy is needed when using this guide.  You need to evaluate things and determine what is realistic, necessary and non-negotiable.  If there is a ring around the toilet, I would say cleaning the toilet is necessary.  If you have an extremely busy day or unexpected things happen during your day, then organizing the pantry is not a critical task!  Either skip it all together, write it down in your “this week” section or place it on another day.  It is OKAY to not do things that are not critical!


One thing I routinely stress is getting your family involved.  Just because these tasks are listed in a planner that you primarily use does not mean that others cannot do them!  There are many tasks that can be distributed to others in your family.  I wrote a post on getting cooperation in your family that might be helpful if you are struggling with delegating and cooperation.

Grab a highlighter and highlight those tasks that someone else can do – if you want, offer an incentive to those helping out.  If they complete one or two tasks, they earn time with you to play a game.  That is a logical ‘positive’ consequence of helping out, mom has more time for the fun stuff.

You will certainly become very crabby and burned out if you think you can continually work at a fast pace and strive to get everything done on your own.  Here are a few other tips to avoid that common Mom Burnout.


Mama – you have to give yourself GRACE!  Plain and simple.  We are not perfect and having the expectation that we will be is a recipe for failure in itself.  Look at it this way, if one day you get all your tasks done; celebrate that as the ‘unordinary’ not the other way around.  Sometimes it can be a shift in our thinking – realize that you will not get all the things done, but the list gives you a starting point to evaluate the current needs and to keep you on track for the much bigger picture!

What you do in your home is so important, but carrying guilt, frustration and feelings of being unsuccessful will drain you of any joy that comes your way.  You are awesome! So what if the baseboards don’t get wiped down this week and they have to wait another 4 weeks til the next rotation?  Big deal!

For more tips on overcoming  the overwhelm you might also want to read Common Mom Mistakes.

What tips do you have for getting things done in your home?

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