Week Four – The Best Yes



Last week’s reading really stuck with me, the element of trading things in our life before we add other things as a way to help us determine our Best Yes.  This is certainly an area I need to work on more, as I am better at saying yes to something more and not letting go of something else.

I loved this verse in Chapter Nine

“The choices we make will determine if we end up with the virtue of wisdom or the vice of folly.”

I want to be a woman of wisdom, like the one described in Proverbs 9: 1-6 not the one that is described in Proverbs 9: 13-18.  Things to take with me as I move ahead into our next section of reading.

This week we are reading Chapters 10-12 of The Best Yes.  

We will be exploring expectations – both realistic and unrealistic, the power of the small No (can’t wait to understand that one more) as well as handling those awkward times we have to say No.

I hope as you’ve made your way through the book you’ve become more aware of situations in the past were you’ve accepted responsibilities without truly thinking about them.  Understanding where we have created patterns of behavior that do not help us are important to helping to change the future.   

Many of you have become a bit frustrated that you have not kept up with the reading or sharing on the Private FB group – the book will always be here and you will find the time when it is YOUR Best Yes.  I encourage you to take the time now though and not to miss this time to share together with other women who are traveling this journey with you.  I know the Lord has a blessing in store for you, if you commit.

If you are participating in the extra reading of Proverbs, you’ll want to be sure to read Proverbs 20 – 25.


There was to be a Live Facebook Chat this week, on Thursday at 6:15 PM, but we are having to cancel that chat due to an unexpected scheduling conflict.  Do not worry, we have one more set for the last week of our study and I know it will be fun to reflect on our growth together as a group!

I will see you back here tomorrow with my thoughts on this weeks reading.  Be sure to hop over to the Facebook page and share in the community!

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