Dust Bunnies Delight!


From Hal Runkel, ScreamFree Parenting:

“Houses are meant to live in, not look on; therefore, let use be preferred before uniformity.”

Sir Francis Bacon

Ok, the kids are out of school, your in laws are coming tomorrow, and your house looks like the inside of a snowglobe right after you shake it. What to do? Relax. Enjoy your children and your inlaws without spending what little time you have sprucing up. Chances are, no one will notice except you anyway.

‘Tis the season for love, peace, joy, and usually some amount of chaos. Embrace it and put your feet up. Then plan on cleaning when it leaves. Your family would rather have a happy and relaxed you than a squeaky clean house, I promise.

Okay you busy moms, here is your “permission” to let the housework slide a little so that you allow more time for what is really important.  Do you remember growing up how clean your house was during the holidays, or rather the times you spent baking cookies with your mom?  Did you admire those shiny floors or enjoy the family outing viewing Christmas lights in different neighborhoods?  For some of us (like me) it is very hard to give up this control and let the housework slide, especially when guests are arriving…..but try, really try to make something different happen this year – let the dust bunnies multiply, I guarantee they are not going anywhere -they will still be there to corral when your guests leave!

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