My Six Day Juice Cleanse Story

My Six Day Juice Cleanse: The Why, What, How, and More for Inquiring Minds

I had heard about these crazy folks who chose purposely to not eat food – but ingest only juice – for days at a time. I thought I wasn’t that “crunchy” yet and it really wasn’t my thing. So how on earth did I end up going on a six day juice cleanse? Let me just share with you why I did just the thing I thought I would never, ever do and how God met me during this time in unexpected ways.

Why Did I Choose a Juice Cleanse

A friend posted about her starting a ten day juice cleanse on Facebook, so I sat by and observed as she shared the physical changes she experienced and how her body was changing. About mid-way through her ten day session, I decided it was something I wanted to commit to and see what all the hype was about. She was seeing positive results in her skin, her health, and more. With my own journey of choosing ways to take control of my health and wellness, this was truly one of the next steps for me to experience.

Whenever Cleanse with Cashew Milk

My Cleanse Choice

I ended up ordering my own six day Whenever Cleanse with Cashew Milk from the company she was using, Juice from the Raw, which is their beginner cleanse. I ordered two of the three day cleanses to use in conjunction with each other. I chose the Whenever Cleanse because this was my first cleanse and I also am a coffee drinker, so I thought this would be a bit easier on my system.

I loved that I could pick the exact date for delivery of the juice, which is immediately frozen after it is cold-pressed (the best alternative). So I looked at my calendar and choose six days just prior to Christmas.

My Experience

The first day was pretty easy. I do drink coffee – so this was a bit of a shock to my body. I developed a massive headache that lasted over two days. This was extremely disappointing to me, but I persevered. I did not get hungry and honestly had trouble finishing all six of the juices for the day. Over the next few days I decided to add in the one vegetable that you could eat, so I had celery and a handful of carrots. By day three the headache was gone and my mind began to clear a bit. I certainly experienced the brain fog that comes with transitions and thankfully I had some grace with myself as I cleared my calendar a bit.

I planned to do this cleanse while my husband was out of town for half of the days, so I did not have to cook dinner but just provide simple meals for my six year old. This was very helpful. When he returned and our house was full, it was a bit more difficult to be cooking and not enjoying the food, but I managed.

How God Showed Up

This was the part that truly surprised me. God had some things to share with me as I underwent this time of discipline to not eat and also gave up things I enjoyed, like a glass of wine, a bite of chocolate, and a warm mug of coffee. He reassured me that I could do this with His power. He was able to show me how strong I truly was when I released control and allowed Him to show up. To be honest, I do not think I could have done this on my own. It was hard! It took definite attitude adjustments, pushing through pain, and also remembering my end goal. God walked along with me and He showed me a lot about who I am and who He desires me to be.

My Takeaways

I was shocked honestly when I woke up on day seven and was able to have my normal routine back. I did love my morning cup of coffee, but I realized I can live without it.

My favorite juice of all was the Spicy Lemonade. It was amazing! It has a bit of cayenne pepper in it and at 4:00 PM when it was on my schedule to drink it, it met me with “cheering up”. All of the juices were good, some were much better than others. I had a hard time getting the last juice of the day down only because I wasn’t hungry and had no interest, yet I managed for the most part.

I lost 6.5 pounds during the detox cleanse.  This was not my intention, however it was a great bonus for sure. I did see some slight changes in my skin – it was very bright and vibrant. I felt slim and at the end was getting my energy back. Mornings were good. I did make sure that I got a lot of sleep during the six days and allowed myself to sleep in. This I think helped my body immensely.

Would I Do It Again?

Yep, and I am currently looking at my calendar to find a time to put it on my calendar. This is by far one of the best things I have done for myself – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you are interested in checking out the Juice in the Raw company and the cleanses they offer, be sure to use the discount code theconfidentmom112 if you make a purchase. They offered this code for my friends and readers to get 60% off. It is by far the best deal – better than the Groupons I have seen lately too. (By the way, I am not an affiliate for them – just a very satisfied customer wanting to share with you!).

What a great way to start your new year!


Remove your six juices the day before you need them, set them on the counter to thaw, then place them in your refrigerator.

The Cashew Milk was best warmed a bit. I boiled some water and place the hot water in a bowl and placed my bottle of juice in it to warm it. It was so tasty – much better than drinking it cold!

Have grace with yourself during the time of the cleanse. Spend some time reflecting and listening.

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