5 Random Takeaways of Life on the Road

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Here we are, just two weeks into life on the road and living full time in our 2021 Airstream Classic. Honestly, it seems like it’s been our lifestyle for a month or more. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Our desire to live small and see the country was just a thought in our minds a few months ago, but we fast-tracked this adventure, with God’s amazing timing to make it a reality, and I am forever grateful. I thought I would share some relevant lessons I have learned in these two weeks of travel in hopes they may inspire you to make some changes to your routines, even if you are staying put.

Get outside

This has been the biggest takeaway so far in our new adventure of life on the road. In less than two weeks, we have visited four national parks and in each stopover, hiking and enjoying the outdoors is part of the agenda. There is nothing better than just getting your body moving and breathing in the fresh air outdoors, especially in the winter. It’s cold here folks, like 15 degrees at night, and the Pacific Northwest girl here is used to rain, but not cold temps! But it’s been refreshing, invigorating, and very much needed—especially living in a tiny space.

Life is about experiences

A few nights ago, we met a family of eight who was traveling from Florida to Utah during a six-week time frame. They were doing it all with their Sprinter van and sleeping in tents. As we chatted, a common theme emerged during our conversation. Getting out and being engaged in our world is where you meet a certain rhythm and routine that brings a sense of peace.

In the four weeks since we’ve sold our home and experienced life on the road, living either in hotels or our Airstream, I agree 100%. I have had the most fun with my family doing things that otherwise would have been missed. Hiking, sitting by the campfire, walking the dogs, driving through the most amazing countryside, and drinking coffee in new places…these are all experiences. Things cannot buy you experiences and memories. I will keep this tucked in my pocket forever, long after this journey of ours ends. It will tailor my life course, I do know that.

Less is more

I am not about to tote the minimalist lifestyle for all, but I will say, living in a tiny space will make you rethink your belongings and truly what you need. Even before launching we tailored down our belongings, the clothes we thought we needed, cooking utensils, comforts from home, all of it. However, it is clear in my short two weeks of travel that I have bought too much! So, when we park next week in Phoenix for a few days, we will purge our trailer before we launch off again. Truly, how many pairs of jeans do you need? We all have certain clothes we love and wear frequently; those are what you need.

The same comes with regard to food. Simple and easy meal prep is key. We are buying whole foods and grilling or roasting meats and veggies very easily, even in the cold weather. We keep healthy snacks handy in the car and have found strolling local markets an enjoyable experience. Less food is better and makes it fun to discover new places along the way.

Beauty is abundant

My eyes are on overload with the amazing beauty we’ve seen in such a short time. If you’re seen my Instagram stories, you know what I have shared. The amazing formations in Arches National Park were really breathtaking. Canyonlands had stunning scenery that had me just in awe. Taking less traveled highways has been an incredible treat, with so many things to see we would otherwise have missed had we taken the interstate or “faster” way. When we slow down, we have the capacity to see so much more. It is really nourishing to our soul.

Small comforts

One of the things that I know about myself is that I like pretty surroundings. One of the reasons why we chose to launch our adventure in a 2021 Airstream Classic is because she is just plain gorgeous! The inside is white and gray, full of windows and light. It makes waking up each morning a wonderful experience. I love coffee, so getting our coffee routine in order (we are still working on it by the way!) is important. Opening the window shade, drinking some coffee, and reading my bible are ways I get my day started. These are comforts that are nonnegotiable to my self-care. I also have a favorite blanket that came with us. It is something small, yet holds a sweet spot for me as it’s beautiful and so cozy.

I also have two essential oil diffusers set up, because having a trailer that smells amazing and provides for our emotional support is important to me. It is right next to two favorite houseplants I kept and brought along for our journey. A family photo, a sweet painting done by a friend, and other treasured pieces are slowly making their way on our walls. These are comforts that help make my trailer feel like a home.

So there you have it. Life on the road has been a huge shift, and not without its ups and downs. I’ve cried often and my husband just listens, hugs me, and says we are going to get through this. And he’s right.

I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Be sure you are following along on Instagram. I try to post our daily adventures in my stories there and would love to meet you there.

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