My Word of the Year for 2021

2021 Word Of The Year Rszd

Here we are, a week into a new year, and I have felt a bit “late” to the party on the One Word conversation. I had felt that I knew my word for the new year, but honestly, also felt that taking some time to really meditate and pray to hear what God had to say was key.

Shortly before the end of 2020, I felt my word for 2021 would be JOY. Simple, concise, and easy. It also had been given to me during a prophetic word I received while visiting a church after we launched our travel journey. It was an incredibly emotional experience where I was called out of the audience in the sanctuary and given very precise words about my life, which this person would not otherwise have known. She spoke such sweet words, and I broke down in all the emotions.

And then she spoke this to me, “I keep hearing the most ecstatic joy—like there’s a joy you haven’t been able to tap into yet and God is like…’there is so much joy.’ So I release joy over your home, that the joy will break through the discouragement, depression, anxiety, the heaviness. That joy, you’re going to laugh in the face of the enemy because you are a powerful mighty woman of God. And I see you getting your roar back—restoring the roar—and He’s restoring the joy—fill anointing.”

Friends, I have never had an experience like this, but it was no question to me that it was clearly a word from the Lord, just two days after we had signed papers on our home and ventured off with a few boxes, suitcases, and a trailer to call home.

So for weeks I felt my word would be JOY. Until I discovered a wonderful overview of words shared by Morgan Harper Nichols. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to hop over to view it. I had felt my word was to be JOY, but after sitting with it, meditating and praying, I felt that there was something larger in the works. Have you ever had that experience?

I scrolled through the list of words and several struck me, but one in particular sat heavy with me…Become. And the definition…”to change and start to be something different, or to start to have a different quality.” That, my friends, that is what I want 2021 to produce.

As many of you know, we launched on a journey to travel in an Airstream for a year about seven weeks ago. We have had ups and downs for sure, as with any huge change like this, but most definitely we have had joy, as well as the brewing of “something different,” and it is producing something amazing.

I know as I wake each day and ask God to help me become more like who He desires me to be, I will feel the joy break out. I will be unable to keep it all in; the joy will explode and resonate out to others and I can be used more effectively by Him. That is my desire. Nothing here is about me; it’s about how He can use me during this season of adventure.

In that same prophetic word, I was told this: “I feel there’s been a lot of restructuring in your life, but the Lord is setting you on an adventure. And He’s adventuring with you, and he is taking you places. There is going to be divine appointments that I see Him taking you on, and they are Holy Spirit ‘set-ups’.”

I am living with arms open wide and waiting for him to bring these set-ups into my normal, daily rhythm. And, the best part is, they have already been happening, and I have been so blessed by them.

So tell me, what word have you chosen for 2021? I’d love to know and also love hear how you will keep it front and center and allow Him to work through it.

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