Simple Cleaning Tips

Simple Cleaning Tips 2

The one thing we moms don’t want to do is spend our time cleaning, right? This is a common concern I help address with the moms I coach when they are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed managing their home.

It doesn’t have to be hard! And, it doesn’t have to take all day.

I want to share with you some simple cleaning tips I have put into place over the years that have reduced the time I spend keeping a clean and tidy home. Even as we travel in our Airstream, I use these tips to help me clean less and spend more time doing the things I really enjoy—which is being outside and seeing the sights!

Evening counter clear

Friends, clutter is your enemy. It’s that simple. I encourage you to take a look at the “stuff” that is cluttering your counters and determine if these things are bringing you life or if they are just taking up precious space and energy. As we moved into our small space, I was left to decide what was really bringing me joy and what I wanted to have out. I have my coffee maker, a simple wooden kitchen tool holder, a soap and lotion tray, and that is all.

Each evening I hand wash dishes and use a drainer. I love my collapsible set which makes it easy to use and put away. I typically dry the dishes and put them away before bed so I wake up to a clear counter. This is a fabulous way to start your day! A clean sink and a clear counter.

Thieves Cleaner

One of the best decisions I made several years ago was to stop buying all sorts of toxic cleaners to use in my home and purchase one concentrated cleaner. Not only am I saving money, but I am also saving my family’s health! I have one cleaner for all the uses I need—cleaning toilets, counters, mirrors, windows, flooring, showers, and more. Really, it’s all I use. And now, living in a tiny space, I appreciate that fact even more. I have one spray bottle under my sink and it does all the things. Talk about less clutter! If you are still using multiple cleaners for different jobs, I would consider trying something different.

Clean in the cracks

Okay, hang with me, this may not be what you think! I am a pro at using small sections of time to do a task. So when I mean “clean in the cracks,” I mean do quick, small jobs often, rather than allotting hours on one particular day. I used to spend hours on a Friday or a Saturday cleaning and decided I really didn’t need to do that. Instead, I take two to five minutes and will do a quick clean of a bathroom after I get ready in the morning or take a few minutes to clean a window or counter. 

These small uses of time are why people love using my Weekly Household Planner. You aren’t spending all day figuring out what needs to be done; I give you tasks, you can choose to do them or move on if they do not apply. It takes the brain work out of cleaning. If you implement this type of small task cleaning, over the course of a few weeks you will discover you have freed up a lot of time.

Cleaning caddy

In order to do a job, you need the tools, right? I love these small bins and have one under my sink in our Airstream. I had similar in our home as well, and even in our bathrooms. This made it easy to have a bottle of Thieves Cleaner available, along with some basic microfiber and cotton rags. This is truly all you need to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom counter and sink, or a swipe on the mirror.

I also love having this type of scrubber in my shower. I fill the dispenser with Thieves Household Cleaner and a few drops of Thieves Dish Soap. Every few days I will take a minute prior to my shower or after and scrub down the walls. It is so quick but keeps my shower clean. My eleven-year-old even loves to do this too!

Delegate tasks

This concept is your best friend. Who in your family can you delegate some tasks to? Remember, as we help our children feel included in keeping our homes tidy, they develop life skills as well as a respect for their surroundings. So many moms use the Weekly Household Planner and will color code tasks to determine which children are responsible for doing that task. It’s brilliant. You can post the page on your refrigerator for everyone to see.

Which one of these simple cleaning tips will you implement today? Pick one thing and put it into motion. I can tell you, when you have less stuff on your counters, you will feel lighter and perhaps even less anxious. Our lives are cluttered with a lot of things you may not be able to control right now, but you can eliminate some of it now to provide space for a tidy home.

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