The Importance of Church Gatherings

Importance Of Church Gatherings

This post has been stirring in my heart for some time, and I didn’t really have the words to even begin to write about this topic until recently.

Back about a year ago, when everything changed, we stopped attending in-person church gatherings. Not by our choice, but by the government and our local church leaders. During that season, I really had no idea the impact that action would have on my life, my sense of belonging, and my sense of connection with other believers.

I continued offering an in-home bible study, fellowshipping with other believers, and getting into the word each day on my own, but there was something that slowly was dying inside of me. I could feel it happening but couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

We watched church services online, as many of you did, but it just didn’t fill the hole that began to broaden. I felt worn out, weak, hopeless, and alone.

Fast forward to November when we had sold our home and launched our full-time RV travel with a goal of attending a different church every Sunday we could while on the road. My husband clearly stated his intention to really get out and meet other believers and fellowship as we traveled. As an introvert, this sounded a bit scary to me, but I decided to take a chance. I mean, visiting a new church every Sunday and meeting new people EVERY Sunday seemed a bit overwhelming, but this was our chance to try new things.

We’ve now visited over 17 churches in 15 states while we’ve been on the road; you can see some of those visits here on my Instagram stories. It is clear to me now the devastating hole that was in my heart from the lack of worshiping in person with other believers. There is nothing like being in the presence of others and singing together, reading scripture, and learning—literally nothing better.

As we travel, we typically will ask for recommendations of churches from friends in the areas we are visiting, ask on Facebook (it’s a great place to crowdsource!), or just use Google. It’s been fascinating locating churches doing amazing work for the body of Christ.

Our eleven-year-old has been able to meet new people, participate in Sunday school of different denominations, and get a real learning of what the entire LARGE body of Christ looks and feels like. And, for me too, this has been so good.

Being on the road can be a bit lonely since we’ve left friends behind. However, we have a choice to make new connections along the way. One way to do that is through experiences of our faith. Connecting with other believers has been like icing on the cake. I had really missed live, in-person church gatherings, so for me to stand among other believers praising God, it just makes everything okay. It brings back a sense of normalcy to the crazy world and especially for us, the crazy season we are in where we aren’t even in our beloved home on wheels.

There are still many who are not having in-person church gatherings, and my heart breaks. I completely understand that devastating feeling. I encourage you to seek out ways to worship together with others.

Can you…

…find a church that is meeting in person? 

…gather a group of friends and meet in a home?

…gather outside (one church we visited was meeting outside and it worked great!)?

The enemy would have no better satisfaction than to rip apart the church, and to be honest, we’ve been allowing that to happen. By not providing places of worship to believers, we’ve allowed doubt, isolation, and more to creep in. It’s time to take a stand, friend, and be a light for others and pave a path to unity.

This adventure has been exhilarating for sure and being able to be in church with others has been life-changing. I do not think I could have survived this season on my own without that hope of gathering together each week, even while on the road.

Are you currently gathering together in the body of Christ? If so, how does it make you feel?

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