Friday Freebies


Here again with some great deals for you!  A short list, but still some goodies!

From The Executive Homemaker::  More great printables for your family!

From Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures::   Free Holiday Ebook  (thanks Money Saving Mom!)

Don’t miss the FREE Holiday Treats ebook from yesterday’s post – get yours now! [Read more…]

Friday Freebies


Here are some great freebies for you!  In addition, make sure you jump over to Families with Purpose to see my guest post, The Benefits of Nagging.” I hope you find the information useful in correcting some patterns of behavior that aren’t very helpful!  Feel free to leave me a comment – I love them!

How do you combat nagging?

From Money Saving Mom:: Free downloadable Thanksgiving Road Trip Activity Book

From Starbucks:: Buy One, Get One Free Holiday Drinks (November 18-21, 2010)

From Becky Higgins:: FREE holiday card templates

From The Wisdom Journal:: Free 2011 Calendar and Day Planner Download

From The Daily Worth:: Get practical money saving tips delivered right to your inbox!


From Grocery Coupon Network:: Get hundreds of great grocery coupons that you need and can use!

Grocery Coupon Network

From Inbox Dollars:: Make a little extra cash the easy way – right from your computer at home – make $5 right now by signing up!

Inbox Dollars

From ROOZT:: Get daily deals of up to 80% off delivered right to your inbox! I love this site!

From Cellfire::  Great coupons available everyday!  This is my inside secret!


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Budget Stretching from a Frugalista Mom


If you like saving money, and I know you do – make sure you pop on over to see my guest post on Simple Marriage today, you won’t want to miss it!  Learn how to stretch your budget without much effort on your part.  Easy tips, sites and ways to create more from less.

FREE…..Who Doesn’t Like FREE???


I woke up this morning and had the perfect topic for my first blog post arrive in my “inbox”.  A buy one get one free smoothie coupon from Jamba Juice.  How could I not pass this along??

For those of you who know me, and those of you who are lucky enough to “get” to know me through my blog posts, I am very budget conscious. Some call it thrifty cheap, economical,  frugal, penny-pinching, but I much prefer the term unwasteful. I HATE PAYING RETAIL for anything.  If it isn’t on sale – hey I don’t need it that bad…..I can wait until it is.  This has become a standard joke in our family – but in a good way.  My husband will often be found at work bragging about  how I can make money out of nothing!!  Normally it would be the opposite – a husband would be off complaining about his wife out spending ALL of his money – but not in the Heid household!  Our family of 5 has managed to go on a week vacation to Hawaii, stay in a 6 room waterfront Penthouse, airfare, rental car and meals for $3000.  That is what being thrifty will get you!

I have managed to save money on basic groceries and used that money for other “extras” that we normally would not have been able to purchase.  It is almost a game, somewhat like a challenge for me!  I find it so rewarding to know I have stretched my families funds.

I hope during the time we share that I can pass along ideas, strategies and useful information to help you accomplish the same in your family.  So as a starter grab one of your children, hubby or a friend and dash on down for a treat!  This is self-care, budget friendly, building relationships and just plain YUMMY!  So start  your weekend out on a fresh “budget friendly” note and  get out to enjoy your FREE SMOOTHIE!