Becoming a Calm, Cool & Confident Mom Series

FREE 5-Part Video Mini Series: Becoming a Calm, Cool & Confident Mom

It’s been one of those days and you are quickly losing all your patience. Your kids are not cooperating, you’re not sure what’s for dinner, and you’re about to lose your cool.

Sound familiar?

I have had plenty of those days – until I learned a few key concepts that really helped me turn my frustration and guilt into responses that actually could be helpful (rather than more damaging).

Are you ready to learn some concepts that will help your daily journey as a mom?

I am excited to share a 5-part video series – complete with a “Put It into Practice” action guide – to help you truly grasp some new skills.

Over the next five weeks, we will be covering these topics which will help you respond rather than react in your home:

Each Monday for the next five weeks, I will post a 5-minute video with some helpful tips and steps. You will grab your printable action guide and use it to incorporate this new focus during that week.

This format will be easy to use, considerate of your time as a busy mom, and will make a difference in your parenting! Jump-start your journey to intentionally focus on what you can do to become the mom your kids need you to be and you so desperately want to be.

For those who may have went through this material before on my site, I have made all new videos – so you won’t want to miss the update!

Here is more on what you will experience. This video says you have to sign up, but you don’t – all the material will be here on the blog!

So get ready to get back on track starting next week! Please feel free to share with your friends too. They can come back to the blog or subscribe to have my blog posts delivered right to their inbox, making it super easy. I will also be sharing on The Confident Mom Facebook page.

I am excited to share how I struggle in this area daily. I am not the expert, however I have learned a lot in my parenting journey and want to share it with you!

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