Our RV Life on the Road: An Update

Rv Life On The Road

If you have followed me for any time, you already know the story of how we launched into RV life on the road. Back in November, we sold our home and nearly all of our personal items and hit the road in an Airstream we call Miss Daisy.

In the last six months, our family of three (and two Doodles) have traveled over 11,500 miles and been to 29 states. It’s been an adventure, and that is what we were after. So many amazing learning and growth opportunities for our entire family.

A Bumpy Ride

We were finally finding a wonderful groove in our travel life, and then the unexpected happened. As we were driving one afternoon, our trailer was hit by a drunk driver in South Carolina. After the initial shock, we were just so relieved and grateful there were no injuries to either party involved; however, the intense grief set in with regard to the damage our home on wheels suffered.

Airstream Damage Rszd

Over the next several days we packed up items in our trailer to put in a storage unit. We reorganized our belongings so we could continue our travels for the next two to three months while repairs were made to our trailer.

After a lot of phone calls with insurance and the Airstream dealer, our trailer was “trailered” up to Jackson Center in Ohio, where the Airstream factory is located. We were left with a truck and some personal belongings to figure out what to do next.

Finding Blessings Among Our Community

Our dream of traveling the country in our beautiful new trailer was quickly altered. Our hearts were grateful for no injuries; we were truly so lucky. A few seconds of time and the driver could have easily hit our truck or another area on our trailer and our situation could have been much worse. We spent several days grieving our plans and then began formulating a new plan—one that would involve car travel, hotel and Airbnb stays, and a lot more eating out. Not quite what we had hoped, but oftentimes in these situations you must look for the good and lean into that. God was so good to us, and we experienced so many things we otherwise would not have.

Airstream Repairprogress Rszd

The next few months had us leaning into what God had planned for us in the midst of agony. The sadness I felt in that time was often overwhelming and intense. But I chose to continue moving forward, grateful for a husband who could walk along with me. I am still in awe of how the Lord provided so many things—and much of it I had no idea I needed.

We had so many friends and acquaintances offer help to us. Places to stay, supplies we might need, messages to offer help from so many…it was truly humbling. We had wonderful experiences with friends we would not otherwise have had if we’d been in our trailer. I am so grateful for the community of people I have surrounded myself with, because when you really need help, it is your community that will rally around you!

After a long two and a half months, we headed to Ohio to pick up our repaired trailer. The joy I felt when I saw her was intense. I had been living out of suitcases and boxes in hotel rooms for far too long. The reality that I could be back in my very own small and organized space with our things was just almost too much! Living small is wonderful, and sleeping in your own bed while you travel to new sights is amazing. I missed it so much.

Lessons Learned

We’ve been back in our trailer for just over a month, and it feels so good. We are back in our groove. Unfortunately, we received word almost two months ago that my husband was called back to work at the end of July. Our time on the road is coming to a premature ending—for now. If you recall, my husband was offered a leave of absence from his job with a clause that he could be called back with a 30-day notice. We received that call, but they actually gave him a 60-day notice. So we are finishing some of the plans we had and will make our way back towards the Seattle area and decide what our next step is.

Airstream Travel

If I’ve learned anything in the past six months of RV life on the road, it is that you cannot count on anything. You may plan, but those plans may disintegrate right in front of you, so hold them loosely.

Being fluid and adaptable are good characteristics to have. You need to lean into what God gives you in the moment and try to find the joy.

Sometimes you just need to sit and have a really good cry. I cannot tell you how many times I just sat and sobbed. I tend to internalize my emotions, which is horrible for my health. Allowing myself space to openly grieve was important. I grew in this area.

Remember what is truly important, and that really is just those family and friends who are close to you. I have learned to treasure relationships and the moments I have been able to spend with people over the past six months. One of the biggest goals I had was to not have someone else be dictating who I would see and where I would go. We opened that door, and over the past six months I saw so many friends, met new ones, and connected in ways I would not have otherwise done. It was amazing.

I will cherish the memories and time we’ve had together as a family. Even though things didn’t go as planned, it still was simply the best!

I am sharing on Instragram almost daily about our RV life on the road, so be sure to follow me there. I love sharing stories of our adventures and fun locations, so come along with me!

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