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I am getting really excited to share with you a new look around here.  This has been a bit in the making and with any project, it has taken longer to get it going, but The Confident Mom is getting a facelift and it will be reveal in the next few weeks, so watch for it!

In the process of this time of ‘re-designing’ I’ve also taken a step back and looked at my transition in this space known as “The Confident Mom” website.  Several years ago, I started out mainly coaching moms.  I soon realized that only a handful of moms could afford to pay for individual parent coaching, yet there were so many other moms needing encouragement, resources, direction and support.  I created different group coaching programs in order to meet the need, like Becoming a Calm, Cool and Confident Mom, which is a wonderful go at your own pace course.

I also began posting on my site and created a blog, my first post was August 1, 2009.  It is embarrassing to look back, but you know – it is inspiring as well to see how I’ve grown as a writer.  I’ve also been a big learner with the entire internet portion of running an internet business,  a website and creating relationships over thousands of miles with people I will never meet!  It is mind-boggling how God can use anyone, including a big messed up mom like me to help others!  It is only through grace!

Things have changed a bit in the four years I’ve been here, and I wanted to share with you where I feel that God is leading me.  Remember how I took a break this summer to re-focus, spend time reflecting and being open……it was worth it!

My focus here and always will be is to help Christian moms.  Now, many come to my site who are not Christians, and I love that – welcome!  I am hear to help everyone, but I also have to be true to my beliefs, values and where my strength comes from.  You will find scripture quoted here, references to the bible and how my role as Keeper of the Home and a Christian Homemaker impacts my family.  I will never hide my faith in this venue.

As I ventured forward I want you to know what areas I will be focusing on and why.

Tips for creating peaceful and nurturing homes

This will be articles, resources and products which will help you gain confidence managing your home, being smart with your money and creating a simpler life. Chaos is abundant if we allow it, families do not thrive in that.  With my training as a Family Manager Coach I can support moms in their role with creative ideas and smart approaches!

Healthy living for you and your entire family

I have become more focused on living a healthier lifestyle; becoming more educated on what foods we put in our bodies really do to us – like sharing my experience with Gluten Free Living and now most recently the Paleo lifestyle.  I will continue to highlight this area and how this can help moms be healthier and feel better with recipes, sharing my story as well as my tips.

I also will continue my journey using essential oils in my home.  This is one area where I am the most excited to share.  Before I took the plunge to begin using essential oils I was scared stiff – I didn’t know enough information, thought I could really mess things up if I did something wrong with an oil and figured I would just keep pumping my body with over the counter medication – glad I decided to find out more!  The success we have had in our home with depression and anxiety treatment, cold, flu, allergies, wound treatment and saving money with natural alternatives is too good NOT to pass on.  If this area doesn’t interest you, just pass it by when there is a post.  There has to be something to this when essential oils are referenced in the bible over 200 times.

Parenting Help

I will still be sharing parenting articles and resources to help in your parenting journey.  I plan to do more book reviews in the future as well.  This is one area I’ve been trained in – both in real life training as well as completed a Master’s Level Parent Coaching Program.   You could call me an expert in parenting strategies, but I do not like that title or reference.  I mess up everyday – I am no expert, but I have been through so many seasons in my parenting that I have a few tips and tricks that can help other moms when they are struggling.

Foster Care Advocacy

This will be a place where information on Fostering and Adoption will be shared.  I loved the response from the posts I did several weeks ago on how we can all help the Foster Care System.  You do not all have to take children in your home, there is a place for us all.

Coaching Resources

For those who are in need, I will continue to offer a limited number of individual coaching slots.  I also will be partnering up with a new site called Mommycoach soon, to make scheduling even easier.  I will announce that in the next few weeks.  In addition to individual coaching, I have an online ‘work at your own pace’ coaching course for busy moms which is extremely popular.

New Products and Resources

As time permits I love creating products that help solve problems for moms.  Targeted solutions for different areas that concern moms is my speciality – whether it is an ebook on gaining confidence in your role as a mom, summer calendar filled with fun activities already laid out or mini-hot spot audio courses to help solve struggles with practical solutions, these will continue to be an area I focus on.

Spiritual health for busy moms

Keeping moms – especially moms with little ones at home in His word and refreshed is tough!  I will continue to come along side you and share my journey, ideas that help me get time alone and how important that is.  You will find this space a place of encouragement and inspiration to get pressing forward!

What would you like to see here at The Confident Mom in the months to come?


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