Stocking a Natural Winter Wellness Cabinet

If we went back even just two years ago in my life, at this time of year I would be scouring the ads and running all around town doing the drugstore game to get all kinds of stuff to be prepared for winter – for free or nearly free.

Fast forward now, 18 months later and I am more aware of natural remedies that are in fact more effective at helping support my immune system and keep it in tip top shape.  As a busy mom with kids, a husband that travels I need to be smart in this area for the sake of my family.

Here is what I have in my Wellness Cabinet for this winter:

Sovereign Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Silver is a new item in our wellness cabinet and I am so excited to have it.  Since I have become more health conscious and holistic with caring for my body, I’ve learned a bit about  Colloidal Silver!!  So, with the recent outbreaks happening all around our area, I have added it to our cabinet.  I love that it is pure and has no added ingredients – big criteria in our home.  It is fabulous for immune support and you can read more about why you need it in your house too!  Here is another article that explains a bit more about it as well. I am certainly not a medical professional and some of the lingo can get my tongue all tied up too!

Epsom Salts


I have shared my love of Epsom salts before and how they can help your body with expelling toxins.   Cheap, effective and easy to use  – what more could you want from a product for your body?  Our entire family has been able to fight off bugs, occasional body aches, muscle soreness and more with a great Epsom Salt bath.

“Comprised of the minerals magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to treat dry skin, sore muscles, small wounds and even to fight illness.”  – Dr. Oz show


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’ve tried Apple Cider Vinegar before you know it tastes awful – really!!  But last year when I was trying to FREE my sinuses , I resorted to using it and guess what – it was very effective in clearing my congestion and helping my body fight.  Seriously, within about 5 minutes of taking a tablespoon in water my nose would begin to run like a faucet – it was amazing.    The ACV alkalizes the body and helps the immune system fight off viruses and bacteria very effectively.  We use this brand of ACV and I can tell the difference in taste from other brands…. this one is just a bit more “doable!”

Thieves, Immupower, Exodus II, Oregano

My stash of essential oils has taken over my wellness cabinet!!!    HOORAY!!!!


Thieves – I’ve shared about this amazing immune supporting oil here and how it is a powerful blend to support the immune system.   It is unique and powerful!

Immupower – This is another blend that I incorporated when supporting good overall health  and began using it daily as an immune support, just on the bottom of my feet.  It is a powerful blend of Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Ravintsara (I love this chest soother I made with a blend that contains Ravintsara!) Frankincense, Oregano, Clover, Cumin and Idaho Tansy.

Exodus II – This blend has aromatics that some researchers believe were used by Aaron, the brother of Moses, to protect the Israelites from a plague.  More important, modern science shows that the oils in this blend contain immune-stimulating compounds – my immune system loves this!  It contains, Olive oil, Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Calamus, Hyssop, Galbanum, Spikenard and Frankincense.

Oregano – It’s stinky I tell ya – but it works well!!  This is another powerful one for immune support .  I usually take this oil internally, the Vitality line (I only use Young Living Oils and would never recommend taking another essential oil internally) and I also place on topical Oregano on the bottoms of my feet.


Elderberry Syrup

I made my first batch of homemade Elderberry Syrup last winter and I am preparing for my next one.   It is really easy to make with this recipe here.  I have found it to be very effective in fighting off cough and congestion too.  If you do not wish to make your own with dried Elderberries, you can buy it pre-made, I like this brand.


Vitamin D3 

I began taking Vitamin D3 about a year ago on a regular basis {I take this brand}.  I have found that when I begin to feel a bit under the weather, if I up my dose to several thousand IU a day I can defeat it before it grabs hold or beat it much quicker.  This is a secret weapon in our house!  I take Vitamin D3 regularly anyhow to help with my Health Challenges, so it is an inexpensive and effective way to help me take care of my body.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am just a mom sharing my experience in order to help others, not a doctor.

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