Using Essential Oils Is Easier Than Ever + Free Essential Oils Guide

Easier Than Ever To Use Essential Oils

Fall is here and that means we need to be more diligent in caring for our immune systems and managing the stress that using toxic items in our homes can bring. I want to help you by hitting the easy button!

(Already using Young Living essential oils? Be sure to download the free essential oils guide at the end of this article!)

Getting started using essential oils

It is now easier than ever to get started using essential oils and plant-based products. 

Now you can simply create an account with Young Living and order what you like. You no longer need to have your first order be a starter kit. How fabulous is that?

I will say, however, the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is STILL the best way to get started. It’s packed with 12 essential oils, a Thieves Hand Sanitizer, diffuser, and more. Get more info on that kit here

To unlock the 24% off discount, you can choose to either:

  1. Spend 100 PV on any products (each item has PV and you’ll see that when you shop).
  2. Add products on Subscribe to Save (the Monthly Wellness Box autoship program where you can have items you pick delivered to you at one-, two-, and three-month intervals) for any amount. You can change your Subscribe to Save products at any time too.

Once you’ve unlocked the 24% off savings you’ll be able to enjoy the discount on future orders too!

This is the time to get stocked up on items that you may need for the fall and winter season. I always have my favorite essential oils and plant-based products on hand so we can start using them immediately. What you use on and put in your body really does matter.

We also have a wonderful daily routine that has been so helpful for keeping our bodies in great health, even while traveling the country last year in our Airstream.

Free essential oils guide

Ready for more good news?

I’ve had a vision for several years now to create a simple and practical guide for those new to using essential oils in their home, and it’s finally here!

This free essential oils guide will help you navigate incorporating essential oils in your home with recipes, ideas, and tips. 

Grab yours now and dig in. Feel free to share my free essential oils guide with others too! I hope you will find lots of great ways to use your essential oils in all aspects of your life.

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