Igniting Your Mom Mojo


Welcome to the 31 Days of Mom Mojo – Tackling Time Management.

It is no secret, we all wish we had more time to get more done and were more motivated.  This is a HOT topic with the moms I work with and precisely why moms have loved my Weekly Household Planner so much.  You have a list of exactly what needs to be accomplished on a particular day, you get to cross it off and feel like you accomplished something!  The only catch is managing your time in order to find the time to get the tasks done.

Ladies, let’s face it, we need to find a balance that fits us, our family, our current season of life.

Finding balance juggling it all is what we all want..  We strive, dig for more information, ask other moms – we waste a lot of time complaining rather than changing our approach!  Yes, I called us ALL on the carpet.

We love to complain rather than change.

Well, buckle your seat belt because this month, in 31 days I will take you on a journey to take back your time, find a productive daily plan that fits your style and give you a feeling of satisfaction each day.  Well take a look at finding ways to keep your energy through the day, tackling time wasters, finding your motivation and making intentional decisions around who gets to spend your time.

So today, one thing only is required to get you started on your journey.  In order for you to make any changes you need to be rested and ready to go – so no more late nights.  Tonight, you need to get to bed early.  If you normally are up until midnight – get to bed by 11.  Try to aim for at least an hour earlier than you’re normally in bed.

This is one area you CAN change right now.  If there’s laundry that needs folded – go to bed.  If you find yourself on Pinterest and the minutes are ticking away – go to bed!  There is hardly anything more important to your body and the needs of your family than a mom who has had a good nights rest.  You cannot keep going on empty fumes and so many of us do just that.  You deserve a better start to our day and so does your family.

If you are ready to start making a change, do this one thing today!

I used to love night best but the older I get the more treasures and hope and joy I find in mornings.  ~Terri Guillemets

Aim to be up before the sunrise – really, it’s not that early this time of year!

If you could get up 15 minutes before your family, what would you do?

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Links to the series (I will update these each day):

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Day 6 – Ending Procrastination

Day 7 – Tame Your To Do List

Day 8 – Stop the Insanity

Day 9 – 10 Quick Time Tips for Moms

Day 10 – Make Over Your Morning

Day 11 – The Big Question

Day 12 – Inspiring Change

Day 13 – The Myth of Doing It All

Day 14 – 5 D’s for Busy Moms

Day 15 – Maximizing Your Energy

Day 16 – Conquering the Dinner Hour

Day 17 – 10 Energy Chargers for Moms

Day 18 – Disconnecting to Stay Sane

Day 19 – Garbage In…..Garbage Out

Day 20 – The Vitamin D Impact

Day 21 – Overcoming the Afternoon Slump

Day 22 – Fitting Exercise In

Day 23 – The Benefits of Exercise

Day 24 – Tips For Better Z’s

Day 25 – Managing Everyday Stress

Day 26 – Minimizing Time Wasters

Day 27 – Make the Wait Count

Day 28 – Quick Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

Day 29 – Intentional Healthy Living

Day 30 – Planning a Purposeful Holiday Season

Day 31 – Being Realistic

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  • Looking forward to following along this month, in between writing my own 31 Day posts! But I promise I’ll write them in the morning rather than stay up late to write 🙂

  • Mel Caldicott

    What you have said is so true, Heidi.

    I have the opposite problem though – waking in the morning is no problem for me and for a long time I have set my alarm for 6am in order to get up and have a quiet time before the rest of my family get up. Trouble is I struggle to stay awake in the evenings and rarely have any energy left to do anything more productive than veg in front of the TV.

    Any advice for the larks in the world like me?

  • I’m really looking forward to reading this series. Thanks, Susan! Just like loving to complain rather than change, I also find that I spend lots of time looking for or talking about solutions rather than acting on those solutions!

  • Stay tuned – I will cover that afternoon slump time – I struggle with that too!!!

  • Really looking forward to following this series. I’m with Michelle. I spend a lot of time looking and talking about solutions rather than doing them. Can’t wait to read what you have to share!

  • Pam

    This is a really hard one for me. I often don’t crawl into bed until 1:00 a.m., and then I’m up at 6:00 — only 5 hours of sleep. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to change about my schedule for years. There’s just so much to do, plus sometimes I like to stay up in order to spend a little time with my night owl husband. For this month, I will commit to being in bed by midnight. That’s still not enough sleep, but it’s more than I’m getting right now!

  • Thank you, thank you!

    While babysitting for a friend, I found a print-out of your Weekly Planner. I immediately knew that God put this program in my hands to help me in so many ways.

    I’m a newly-wed, and I’m adjusting to being a “semi-stay-at-home” wife. I’m substitute teaching, so I really don’t have a consistent schedule and I bounce from super-super-busy, very planned days at schools to having no schedule or routine at all at home. I always feel guilty for “not doing anything” on my home days- I know there’s tons to do, but I’m so overwhelmed by it all that I have trouble finding the “just one thing” I need to do next.

    Can’t wait to see what other great wisdom you have to share!!

  • Isn’t fantastic how God moves and leads us to what we need to kick start us? So glad you are here!

  • This is great advice! I’m going to try it tonight!

  • Marcee

    Very excited about the next 31 days! I LOVE your planner and recommend it to my friends. Mom Mojo is coming at the perfect time. I am really struggling with time management this year. I homeschool and chose not to combine my kids this year, so I am schooling them at different times during the day. It’s crazy! I just can’t seem to find a balance between school, house work and errands/appointments. I’m also a night owl. I stay up late to have time to myself. If I was up 15 minutes before my family, I guess I would just drink coffee in quiet.

  • Chandra

    Susan, you read my mind! Did you know that? I am so excited for the next 31 days! Already behind the 8 ball as it is way past 11…oops. I am committed to change because you had me at “Yes, I called us ALL on the carpet.” Yes, you did…I am convicted! Look forward to the series and your wisdom. This Mom needs to IGNITE her Mojo!!! Good night.

  • I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour most nights, and I try to get up before my family most mornings, too. I am pregnant right now and have just entered the 3rd trimester insomnia phase…so I’m struggling a bit in this area, and I imagine it is something I will struggle with for a while after baby comes too 🙂 Thankfully it isn’t an every night occurrence for the time being.

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